I Do & I Don't

I Do & I Don't

A screwball comedy about a young couple that must endure pre-marital counseling and the horrific married couple they are assigned to.

A screwball comedy about a young couple that must endure pre-marital counseling and the horrific married couple they are assigned to. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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david s (nl) wrote: Pot-boiler police crime standard. Sleep-inducing, ideal for flight.

Tonya V (ca) wrote: I enjoyed this one alot! I thought it might be a bit far out but it deals with the subject quite well and ends up being pretty cute.

IOnell S (ag) wrote: Bonita historia en un mundo ideal pero poco realista especialmente en los pueblos pequeos. Tiene un tono serie B con buenas actuaciones y buenas intenciones.

Steve S (gb) wrote: The plot is really boring: go to Island, escape island. The action is fun because dinosaurs. The dinosaurs look better in the original JP from several years prior. The acting is mediocre. It is a fun movie but not great.

Timothy M (us) wrote: Very solid film, as well as a historically accurate account of the life of John Gotti

Vinnie G (kr) wrote: My first ever Rohmer film and I can honestly say that I've never seen anything quite like it before. Almost nothing truly physical happens; it's all character and dialogue driven. However, it's both fascinating and engrossing in the most unusual and satisfying way.

Emily M (ru) wrote: One of the worst films I have ever seen. Very poor, forced acting and cheap special effects. Will never watch again.

Nathan M (ru) wrote: One of the best faith-based films I've seen, because it's not nearly as offensive as others have been. This is also a film that is willing to expose the darker side of a Christian music icon, but at the same time, reveal the thing that made him so endearing. Rich Mullins was a musician who wore his heart on his sleeve, and was open about his faith and his doubts. That's where the strength of this film lies, how genuine it feels.Unfortunately, the production values are really low, and the performers are so weak that it's hard to take some of the scenes seriously. Especially when the dialogue they deliver is so cheesy and cliched that it doesn't feel like real conversations. When it works best is when Rich is performing or when he's having conversations with ex-Franciscan priest Brennan Manning. In those moments, you can really see Rich's heart and who he is as a character.It's not anything you haven't seen from other rock bio-pics, and there are way too many moments where a real life event inspires a song in a very direct way. Those moments usually ring false, but some times they work. The film is a mixed bag, and in that way, it's still better than any other faith-based film I've seen. If you're a fan of Rich Mullins, definitely check it out, because you'll enjoy seeing the life of this man of God.

Michael W (es) wrote: Not bad for a B horror movie. A dead rock star comes back from the grave to get back at his home town. It full 80's heavy metal movie! Brings back some memories for this aging rocker! The storyline is cheesey, but okay. My wife says Gene Simmons as the D J was in on the singer Sammi Curr's evil plan. The movie is set on Halloween, and the school dance. Sammi wants his revenge and a few teenagers try and stop him. Entertaining. I give this movie a rock and roll two stars.

Chayc (es) wrote: An 80's romp trying to masquerade as something more serious. It's an 80's style, stereotypically male take on a menage a troi. Very pretty to look at.