I Don't Know How She Does It

I Don't Know How She Does It

A comedy centered on the life of Kate Reddy, a finance executive who is the breadwinner for her husband and two kids.

A comedy centered on the life of Kate Reddy, a finance executive who is the breadwinner for her husband and two kids. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Iel V (ru) wrote: i love ka because he is so smart and so sweet

Nikki D (fr) wrote: Tried to watch it but didn't hold my attention. Good premise but went very weird towards the end.

Alison L (es) wrote: Very cute movie. I enjoyed the relationship between the mother and son. I liked the character growth that both of them develop. There is a mild happy ending where the romantic relationship development was only for the mother not the son. I felt the son got left out of cupid's arrow in this film which was somewhat of a disappointment and why I didn't give it five stars.

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Ryan Q (us) wrote: as good as village of the damned

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