I Dreamt Under the Water

I Dreamt Under the Water

Antoine, a handsome boy in his 20s, falls for a straight best friend who does not reciprocate, and being a junkie exits the film quite early. Enter a girl, who seems to make him happy again, after he has tried living as a rent boy with men, having some familial, financial difficulties. But the girl is a junkie too.

In this savagely engaging drama fill with heart, lyust and emotion, a bisexual man's personal journey through the dark Parisian night opens his mind to a myriad of sexual possibilities. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amy C (it) wrote: Great cast and story but lacking direction.

Seth M (es) wrote: Powerful stuff. Villeneuve is one of the best directors of the decade thus far.

Vince N (es) wrote: Corky and witty zoo keeper finds himself with the help of a bunch of wild animals!

Martin F (ca) wrote: i was a little drunk when i saw it so i will have to see it again to be able to be totally fair

Tony B (it) wrote: Australia has produced quite a number of female teengae comming of age films, somersault, peaches, looking for alibrandi to name a few. Caterpillar wish is another to add to the collection. Though it may seem like a re-used formula, Caterpillar wish still delivers. Girl wants to find out about her family history, but gets more than she bargained for. its a very interesting story, with some great human drama shown in it, all thanks to some top performances by the cast, but its mainly Wendy Hughes and Susie Porter that stand out. (Susie won the AFI award for best supporting actress, very well deserved). Though its not the best film, and something could have been done about the disapointing climax, you actually by the end of the film feel glad that it doesnt go over the top. worth checkin out.

Sam T (br) wrote: Pretty creepy and kind of weird, but the script pulls together well and the acting is really quite good. Basically it's about a paranoid actor but it takes the plot a lot further than you'd expect.

Peter t (mx) wrote: Kevin Spacey flat out astounds the audience. The first time drab behavior invigorated audiences like I have ever seen. Every cast member gives a show stopping performance without over shadowing any actor. Another rare feat. And the ending! dear Lord! Excellent!

Jon T (gb) wrote: Far too manically weird to make much sense or have any real impact. An onslaught of sheer crazy where every actor seems to be on speed.

Gabriel K (jp) wrote: Fearless is quite incredible. Great action, and great story. A must watch.

John D (de) wrote: The plot is involving and startling at times, though its the incidental details, mainly in the relationship between Hoskins and Tyson, that really give the film power. The two leads are superb, whileColtrane and Caine are both memorable in minor works. The Genesis song, however, is terrible. Note: There's an amazing tracking shot near the very end, where the camera starts on one side of Hoskins, zooms to his profile, and then sweeps off in the opposite direction. It's awesome. Look for it.

Nathan T (mx) wrote: I kind of love this movie. Sure, it's not perfect, but it's very enjoyable. Although both times I watched it it was 1A.M. and I was deathly tired.

Benjamin N (us) wrote: Moments of brilliance can't catapult the film into the stratosphere it could have reached. worth the watch but I will never revisit it. Th (C) cinematography and music are top notch.

Timmy R (ag) wrote: What makes this film so magical is that it challenges the audience. Altman has always claimed that films should not be casually viewed and that they should hold an audience's attention. This is probably his best personal example.

Nanda T (ag) wrote: Satisfyingly creepy Willard, Crispin Glover is perfect as Willard Stiles, a lonely man who befriends a colony of rats who he trains to do his dirty work, however one rat affectionately named Ben isn't to keen on taking orders, suspensful in parts and darkly humorous at others and propelled by Crispin Glover's manaical portrayal of the lead character. Willard takes a much more subtle approach to the horror genre and the result is imppresive