I due sanculotti

I due sanculotti

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1966
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
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I due sanculotti torrent reviews

Gaspar O (ru) wrote: This is a fair, family friendly tale with a bittersweet ending. The acting left a little bit to be desired in places, but it was worth the watch. My favorite part was 4 Runner singing at the Christmas show.

Claudio D (nl) wrote: O filme deixou muito a desejar, a nica coisa boa do filme a qumica entre o Banderas e a jolie.

Shane H (es) wrote: Anna, I know you are a girl..but it took the first half of the movie before I could actually confirm it. But that is besides the point..I just had to get that off my..chest. Really interesting concept of a drawing turning to reality or a dream or whatever fantasy she was in..but it felt unfinished. I feel like there was something missing the whole time. I enjoyed the idea of this movie on paper (pun intended) but seeing it in motion just didnt quite do it for me..Also the soundtrack felt like they ripped it straight from A Nightmare On Elm Street. Gotta love the 80's. MAAAAAARRRKKKKKKKKK! MAAARRRRKKKKKKKKKKKKK! Please. for the love of Pete. Stop shouting Mark.

Daniel K (ag) wrote: 2.5: Watching a Cukor picture from 1978 is pretty strange, but it is certainly fitting that it should star Katharine Hepburn. The only thing I really associate Cukor with is being able to work well with women, which shows here as always. It's an interesting story and one I've never seen done quite like this on screen before. The Welsh countryside setting is ideal, the time period is fascinating, the characters engaging, etc. My main complaint is that the story seems a bit thin and rushed. I'll take How Green Was My Valley any day of the week.

Frank B (fr) wrote: This film looks at how Christianity is being forced down the throats of the locals! Good film because it shows how Native cultures and the word of God never got along.

George L (mx) wrote: Seen them all. Even the series!!!Every time i cream my pants from pleasure. Is something wrong with me?

Philip P (au) wrote: Five things I learned from this movie that Neil Armstrong neglected to mention in 1969: * From a distance, rocket ships look oddly two-dimensional. * There is gravity in space, but not on the Moon. Remember to pack your 'gravitational shoes'! * The Moon is home to a race of bejeweled international beauty contest winners, and you can win a Moon-woman's heart with the line, "Don't think, honey. Just be beautiful." * Jealous Moon Queens aren't above pulling the hair of puny Earth women and hypnotising their would-be husbands into marriage.* Some rocks look like modified mattresses disguised as bacon, and they can walk. Slowly.

Katie R (kr) wrote: This film is way too underseen. It has some of the most incredible pacing I've seen in a movie. It takes its time to really tell the whole story, without ever feeling slow.

Zac C (us) wrote: Not a great film. but it has it's moments.

Jess L (nl) wrote: Could this be one of the best Christmas movies ever made? It ranks very high in my list. With wonderfully choreographed dances, an amazing soundtrack by Irving Berlin and a star studded ensemble this film is an absolute holiday charmer. I'm still shocked every time I watch it and see the black face performance. It is so silly and offensive and doesn't fit well with the rest of the movie at all, but it does reflect how much times have changed. Apart from that one section I love everything about this film and it's mandatory viewing every Christmas.