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Stef (it) wrote: This is one of those movies that manages to be both horribly depressing and genuinely heartwarming at the same time. The story's compelling, the cast is great (Tom Burke is enthralling, and Benedict Cumberbatch is amazing as well, not to mention JJ Feild (and Adam Robertson)), and the cinematography and locations are beautiful. I actually feel the need to own a copy of this film on DVD, and that's a rare thing.

Nathan W (br) wrote: such a weird movie, sort of scary, psychedelic. I fell asleep 7 separate times watching, not in a bad way like it's a boring movie, it's just so ambient. If your a fan of stop motion animation and the slightly odd.

Simon H (br) wrote: It's very, very rare that i write a review for a film before it's actually finished, but for 'Red Water', i was that bored, i just needed something to do. This movie was just painful to get through. It was just too slow to start with and dragged on too much. The actors aren't the greatest and this really showed. I actually found Coolio very annoying during this film. The characters were useless, with no feelings felt at all towards deaths. The special effects were quite poor. They started off OK, but seemed to decrease in quality before the end of the film. The shark effect was more impressive than the explosions. If you want an enjoyable shark film, then choose a more professional made film.

Ulla T (jp) wrote: This was awful. Bad plot, bad acting, bad screenplay...

Amanda H (ca) wrote: Not a lot of plot, but good for a few mindless laughs. The cast is likeable for the most part and the movie as a whole is cute and fun. Not a masterpiece, but that doesn't always matter.

Niklas S (de) wrote: Made by the man who knows Zatoichi the most, Shintaro Katsu himself. I took me a month but now I've seen all of the Zatoichi movies. This one is by far the best one. There's not a lot of action in this movie it more so focuses on the man who is Zatoichi. Sure we've gotten glimpses into his personality before but they have differed because of writer and director changes. So this movie is rightfully called Shintaro Katsu's Zatoichi. So if you want the real thing you should take a look at this version. There was one thing that bothered me a lot. There's a song like an hour into the movie that is completely in English (I know) and it's part of a traveling montage where he tries to save an bird egg. Don't worry if you're the type of person that only watches Samurai movies for the limps and blood flying through the air you'll get that too. Fact is when the violence appears on the screen it might actually be the most graphic of the entire series (a nose getting chopped of springs to mind). All in all this is great sum up of the Zatoichi series (yes this one, not Kitano's Zatoichi. That's a homage to the series). Rest in peace Shintaro Katsu you've will always be an icon in Japanese cinema.

Ameer M (de) wrote: A decent film. Prophetic? Maybe they're taking it a bit too far. Regardless, it is spot on when depicting inner-city school violence. Worth seeing because of both the set up and the ending.

Ashley H (kr) wrote: Taps is memorable for introducing film goers to Tom Cruise and Sean Penn. It is an impressive movie. It also has a good score, well edited, and notable cinematography. George C. Scott gives an incredible performance. The script is well written. Harold Becker does an amazing job directing this film. I enjoyed watching this film because of the great characters. Taps is a must see.

Matthew L (jp) wrote: Grimly poetic examination of the horrors of war through the eyes of Japanese soldier stricken with tuberculosis, who is abandoned by his company and turned away from the hospital, and is forced to wonder through the decimated and unfamiliar Philippine countryside during WWII. Haunting and deeply affecting, this beautifully filmed and tragic portrait of the horrific realities and absurdities of war is one of the greatest war films ever made.

Paul A (it) wrote: Maureen O'Hara...WOW!

Luc L (br) wrote: A pointless story and not entertaining.

Orlok W (mx) wrote: 'You know you're in a state when you hand-pour your pee on a bowling alley'--Brilliant Music and Lead Performance Elevate a Wonderful Drama!!