I Give It A Year

I Give It A Year

After a quick courtship, two lovers hastily decide to tie the knot. As their first year of marriage unfolds, temptation and incompatibility put their relationship in jeopardy.

Ambitious high-flyer Nat and struggling writer Josh fall in love at first sight at a party and soon decide to tie the knot. But their first year of marriage doesn't go smooth as temptation and incompatibility put their relationship in jeopardy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joseph G (kr) wrote: this movie is good only for the main lead. he's ridiculous. the acting is pretty cheesy. action is somewhat mild. a time killer

Kent B (nl) wrote: At first, I was unsure that I wanted to watch a movie about a man who robs graves. However, I soon realized that the movie was far more than that. This is a beautifully crafted, carefully paced movie about a man who learns to heal his own pain and grief through service to someone who appears to be wholly undeserving of service. The casting for this film was perfect - every character is believable and real. Margot Kidder is a gem, so completely in character that I didn't realize it was her until the closing credits. I can genuinely say that I am glad I watched this film, and hope to see it again.

Richard S (ru) wrote: Farhadi provides a rare (or at least rarely distributed) glimpse at Iranian domestic life in "Fireworks Wednesday". The English title is poorly translated. If you're considering this DVD, I would suggest reading the wikipedia article on Chaharshanbe-soori in order to have some context for the new year's celebration that is significant in the film. The performances were niformly strong- especially considering that many of these people may be non-actors. It has a lot to say about gender relations without being quite as forceful as some other movies. At times it teases with standard melodramatic tropes (affairs, a serial killer), but most of these ideas are secondary to character study and class issues. This is yet another example of strong Iranian film.

James L (ru) wrote: A powerful account of the atrocities imposed upon the Native American Souix ; and a story every early American who was a part of, should be ashamed about...because this is one of the most disgusting truths about American settlement.

Melanie R (es) wrote: silly but makes me laugh

Jesus T (br) wrote: Great movie.. Has to be top 3 romantic movies that I've seen.

Erin C (au) wrote: Predictable, bad acting.

AZ D (de) wrote: A surprisingly good low budget underground fighting film!! It's been a while since the genre had something worth watching and much like Van Damme's "Lionheart" it definitely has a good plot to go with the action. The movie gives brief biographies of the fighters and their financial supporters which makes it much more interesting than the usual "chop socky". The fighting sequences are quite raw and at times slow like an exhibition fight but quite effective and entertaining. It also has an unexpected final winner of the tournament which catches you off-guard. If you are an avid fan of the genre you'll be quite pleased with the film!!

Mirko B (kr) wrote: This is Polanski at his finest. Sigourney Weaver plays Paulina, former south-American activist, who runs into one of her torturers from the time when she was held captive when he drops by for a drink with her husband, and recognizes him as the infamous Dr. Miranda(Ben Kingsley) who had repeatedly raped her. The situation escalates into a hostage crisis, where Paulina tries to make Miranda confess to his crimes with a gun, in spite of her husband's begging not to do it...Weaver was probably chosen for the role because of her "mad-woman-with-a-gun" charisma from the Alien films and she was the perfect choice for the role of Paulina, tormented by the ghosts of her past and hungry for satisfaction. The odd thing is, you never once sympathize with her because of her suffering. She doesn't exude a fragility usually connected with victims. What's more, the trauma has turned her into a monster herself. A monster unleashed the moment she recognizes her tormentor in her living room. Ben Kingsley brilliantly portrayed Dr. Miranda, who succeeds in playing his hosts for a fool through the entire film, and almost has the viewers believe he's innocent. By the time the film is finished, you're unsure yourself. Though he delivers a convincing confession in the final scene, there's till that hint of doubt hanging in the air: was he telling the truth or did he just want to get out of Paulina's claws and save his life? And Polanski make you believe Paulina is going to kill him anyway, but when she finally hears what she wanted to hear from Dr. Miranda, she doesn't pull the trigger, proving that there still might be a bit of humanity left underneath all of that suffering and trauma inside her.

Dax S (es) wrote: Awesome movie, too bad they kept making more after this one though...

Stefanie C (nl) wrote: Signature Kaurismaki! Beautiful composition and deadpan humor, this is not your typical rom com. If you have a penchant for stoicism and cigarettes, this film is an askew vision of Helsinki's outskirts. This debut bodes well for the remainder of the 'Proletariat Trilogy.'

Brendan A (jp) wrote: An absolute classic! the chemistry beteeen the leads is like fireworks

Evan M (ca) wrote: A movie which the entire family will enjoy. Parents will like the nostalgia of the film, which stays true to Charles M. Schulz's vision of the characters. Kids will enjoy the antics of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and friends, as kids have for generations. Kids loved "Peanuts" 50 years ago, and kids will love "Peanuts" 50 years from now. The Peanuts Movie is proof that you can update and modernize classic characters without having to reimagine them.