I Hate But Love

I Hate But Love

A celebrity (Yujiro Ishihara), dissatisfied with his personal and professional lives, impulsively leaves fast-paced Tokyo to deliver a much-needed jeep to a remote village. When his controlling manager, the woman he loves (Ruriko Asaoka), follows, the two must reconcile while dodging reporters.

In the high-octane, unorthodox romance I Hate But Love (Nikui anchikusho), a celebrity (played by megastar Yujiro Ishihara), dissatisfied with his personal and professional lives, impulsively leaves fast-paced Tokyo to deliver a much-needed jeep to a remote village. When his controlling manager, the woman he loves (Ruriko Asaoka), follows, the two must reconcile while dodging reporters. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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AD O (de) wrote: i'm in love with bees now, and feel guilt for eating honey, and almonds, and apparently everything :-/ BZZZZZZ

Carlos D (kr) wrote: not the greatest horror film anyone can see...still better than other "mainstream" horror flicks out there...

Collin R (nl) wrote: fantastic and edge of ur seat, definitely the best one ive seen yet even though the big twist was quite predictable

Tom B (fr) wrote: great fun. wonderful trash thriller fare, don in a very stylish, knowing way.

Jason P (gb) wrote: Clever and skillful weaving of story and actual auditions to create a very compelling and very human drama. Spectacular!

Morgan B (kr) wrote: It wouldn't let me give it 0 stars.

Nic Y (jp) wrote: great to watch the recap from tv tonite :]

Marc G (mx) wrote: I'll admit, I was pretty bored by this one.

Emma N (us) wrote: Horror movies become to feel dated really quick, especially low budget as this one which lives on the 80's special effects. However, there's a shower scene with Mortensen

Damon H (ca) wrote: A perfect follow up to Jean de Florette. A must see for any fan of French films.

Paul D (au) wrote: This is a strong western with Bryner as solid as ever with a gun in his hand. Even though all the expected western themes are apparent, it does have a better than average plot.

Tor M (ca) wrote: I've seen quite some of Chaplin's full lenghts. They are all genius in their own way, still the same satirical, slapstic is always very present and never hidden.In this film the little man is caught up in the gold rush. People are freezing on top of a mountain in search for gold. Crooks and badder fellas are in the mix and our man is naturally in the middle of it - in a cabin actually. With some shady fellas and few other facilities.Some famous scenes like the shoe eating and the bread roll dance. There are some great effects here to, with the slipping cabin and the chicken hallucination. This film has a voice over too, I can't remember that the other ones I've seen from him has vocalized words, but I'm not sure.Funny and smart, witty, silly and dumb. The typical message of his are here and the crush, naturally. Not his best film if you ask me, but still a very good one.7.5 out of 10 bears.

Matthew B (es) wrote: Richard: [narrating] "God will forgive them. He'll forgive them and allow them into Heaven. I can't live with that".the story to Dead Man's Shoes is about Richard has he always protected his simple-minded little brother Anthony. When Richard leaves the rural village where they have grown up to join the army, Anthony is taken in by Sonny, a controlling and vicious local drug dealer and his gang of lads. Anthony becomes the gang's pet and plaything. Seven years later, Richard returns to settle the score. One by one, he hunts down each member of the gang and executes them in increasingly elaborate ways as flashbacks reveal the extent to which his brother suffered at their hands. "Dead Man's Shoes" is a genre-defying film blending horror, supernatural elements, comedy, and social realism. Set in a Midlands village, it explores the underbelly of contemporary rural Britain in communities where crime is unchecked and drugs, intimidation, and power games are blandly accepted as the fabric of daily life."Revenge is best served cold", that's what they say and Dead Man's Shoes is that cold dish of revenge.Shane Meadows the director of this movie who later on did This is England. In this movie I felt that Shane Meadows was building up to this big finale of Richard's vengeance over those who messed with him. Richard feelings and emotion really sticks to the screen without him saying anything, and all that storytelling was told only by it's tone and cinematography that really set's up the cold killing that's going to happen and Shane Meadows really mixed the tone of this movie perfectly to the point where it actually came off effective. Shane Meadows is a excellent director and Dead Man's Shoes and This is England are the perfect films to show off he's skills and talent at film making. Nicely done Shane Meadows.In my opinion Paddy Considine gave probably the best performance of 2004 and in his career. He made his character Richard a interesting and understandable anti-hero. Him going out for revenge and him slowly tasting them at getting them one at a time is simply revenge story classic right here. You see Richard a lot but he doesn't talk all that much, yeah he talked a couple of times in the movie and towards the end of the film. I always like it when a hero or anti-hero never talks in film, it gives a character a deep edge to them and making them look like a complete bad-ass, and that's why Paddy Considine gave a stunning performance because he did all that and it's him simply at his best.The cinematography in the movie really does set the tone of the film really well has the movie has that clean open environment but it also has that revenge looking tone that really fitted the movie perfectly.The writing was good, the acting from everyone was brilliant, the director of the movie did a awesome job directing the movie and the movie's ending which I'm not going to spoil it but let me tell you it's really sad and quite moving.For problems with the movie I have none to be honest, but the reason why I'm not giving it the full perfect rating is that I don't it's quite on the level of 5/5 star's and yes this did happen before with one of my reviews as I brought up that it's not quite on that level on a high rating, if you understand that. But I will totally recommend seeing Dead Man's Shoes because it is the best British revenge drama that we ever got.

Caitlin L (it) wrote: Well done. Long but interesting.

Rangan R (jp) wrote: Not about the night stars, but the Hollywood's.The title gives an impression of someone lost in somewhere and trying to find a way back home. I did not know what this film was about. I did not know who stars in it and when it released. But I decided to watch it at the last minute without checking out its synopsis and I ended up satisfied. Not fully pleased, but the refreshing story and its characters interested me.This is an unusual drama that takes place in a district where the Hollywood people are dominated. Our tale opens with a young woman arriving there and soon gets an opportunity to become a famous artist's personal assistant. The film also focuses others tales, so it is a multi layered story. But all of them are somewhere connected; particularly at the end. Revealing everyone's agenda behind their act is what brings the conclusion to the tale.Not neatly told story, yet different. I would say futuristic theme. I liked the performances. Robert Pattinson was not in a major role, but the other like Mia Wasikowska, Julianne Moore were good. Revolving around the bunch film celebrities means there's no real ones involved with the real names, just mentioned the names who were not in the film. Hard to predict the story, I was not sure until it revealed itself everything at the end. That part was a quite a shock, not I expected, but that's the real twist. Overall film was decent, slightly it missed to be a great. I feel it is worth a watch if you want something new in the story.6.5/10