I Hired Two Contract Cleaners

I Hired Two Contract Cleaners

Two unemployed losers start their own business. They buy an old carpet cleaning machine from Stockholm, instruction manual not included, and begin creating havoc anywhere they turn up, from... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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WS W (jp) wrote: Fairly delightful, although a bit overlong & with quite a number of irrelevant branches. The 3 children actors (Emma Schweiger, one of the three, is the real daughter of the director/ lead Til Schweigerare) are just awesome in it. Matthias Schweighfer, as Himself, is superb in his cameo appearances 3 out of 4 scenes he is in.

Jordan P (jp) wrote: Movie is pretty good!!!! Better then I thought!!! Def watch if into action films!!!

Ronald W (ru) wrote: Likeable sentimental drama with an over the top performance by Church creating an unlikely relationship.

Teonna B (es) wrote: Not what I thought at all!!!!

Nicolas B (us) wrote: I'm sorry I just can't dislike movies with Rowan Atkinson, he always makes me laugh no matter how bad the script is. If you're not a Rowan Atkinson fan you will probably be bored.

Liam C (us) wrote: Zandalee was an incredibly mixed bag. It was a film that went completely under the radar and it isn't particularly hard to see why. I was waiting for it's plot to kick in but after thirty minutes of an hour and half film, I knew what I was going to get from the rest of it. The story- what story? It was a muddled love affair with no one to cheer on, all the characters, while being portrayed well (except the titular character of Zandalee), had nothing to grip to or any feel sympathy for. Each one had their quirks. Erika Anderson had little to no charisma and whenever she did smile it looked like a completely different person. Lots of sex is had in this and it went from mildly annoying to infuriating. It seems like no one wears clothes. The cinematography was poor and seemed very cheap, however, toward the end of the film it did provide some very good looking set pieces. Speaking of the end, it picked up and some real drama was at hand, some things didn't make sense but that's par for the course with this. The ending was thought provoking, if a little sudden. If the film had some tighter direction, little plot advances and had better casting of the titular character, it could have been a real classic.

Vikram T (ag) wrote: shatrughan sinha bihari lang. is awesome

Jacob F (de) wrote: One cheesy plot turn, but the rest was great. Some very well filmed scenes that take your breath away. Too long though.