I klironomos

I klironomos

A young widow has to become the President of the football team of her deceased husband and maintain it in the first division, in order to keep her inheritance.

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Michael G (mx) wrote: So I watched Justice League: War and I've got to say it's a mediocre effort. I do appreciate that it is basically a 90 minutes of a string of cool action sequences that range from meh to cool (particularly the Wonder Women scenes are the best argument that she is by far one of the coolest superheroes in the DC Universe). However, the characterizations of most of the heroes, particularly Wonder Woman, come off of what a middle age man would think a 16 year old boy would find cool. All bravado and shallow one liners, not an ounce of depth or character.

Jenn T (mx) wrote: Even Billy Zane couldn't save this piece of crap.

Mohem N (ca) wrote: A good example of BLACK comedy.

AD V (gb) wrote: A satifsfyingly quirky comedy/drama with a standout performance from the underused Michael Rapaport. Worth it if you're looking for something a little different and unique.

Sarah P (jp) wrote: Too cute...not the best romantic comedy in the world, too many sub-plots...character development shy of reality and ending just a little too pat. Oh, well.

Ben K (au) wrote: Hughes Brothers classic. Great Robbery Film!

Thomas B (ca) wrote: Great race movie, it's not for everybody. But it's cool for those who love racing. Oh yeah....and Steve McQueen is in it !!!! "the King of Cool"

taylor (fr) wrote: I thought this would have been better but its somthing I would watch again.

Will D (nl) wrote: Top notch drama, beautifully shot.

Margarita S (jp) wrote: Oh, these two... Love the chemistry. Love the humour. Love the script. A super fun, light romantic comedy.

Shannon B (us) wrote: It has been a while since I have seen this movie but I like it alot. It was really funny.

Dillinger P (mx) wrote: This gem from the late 90's not only paired legends Al Pacino and Johnny Depp together, it also cemented Depp's career as an extremely versitile actor, which appears to be a rarity these days. Depp plays Joe Pistone, an undercover FBI agent in Brooklyn, sent deep into the hear of the mafia through age old and wise guy Lefty, Al Pacino. Joe soon takes on the double life of Donnie Brasco, a young up and comer and soon to be favourite of the mob, if only Donnie could juggle both his lives in order to stay alive. As ground braking as it was originally, the film still holds up tremendously to this day. It's great watching Pacino give a brilliant performance as the terminally ill and old dog Lefty, he brings a hefty emotional weight to the piece and also adds a human element, which the audience can relate to, in between all the lies and deceit that go on around him. Depp equals him, subtly playing 2 very conflicting characters, while slowly merging them together. In comparison to some of his other work, this may seem tame, but his tact for subtly here and under playing the role for the most part, really sells the film well. The support is equally strong from the likes of Anne Heche and Michael Madsen, both turning in strong performances, that bring the leading characters even more to life. The writing is tremendous, full of wise cracking put downs and threatening suggestion, Donnie Brasco is captivating till the very end, even with its sombre note. The film distinctly feels perfect also, relishing the New York and Miami beach feel perfectly, it doesnt harm the film having quite the wardrobe and music to help strengthen the vibe, mixing wonderfully between the cold and dank Brooklyn, with the glowing and neon Miami, its a nice contrast, which offers up a change in tone at the half way mark. Although there is some prominent violence in this film, its toned down when compared to the likes of Casino or Goodfellas, aiming more for a heavily character driven plot, which shocks coming more from tension rather than brutal violence. This film is jam packed with tension, especially in act 3 as the mafia begin to suspect a rat from within. It takes very simple moments and turns the entire thing into a thrilling and edge of your seat vehicle at times. Although the entire package is solid and works, there are times when needless moments kick in, a bit to much metaphorical exposition here and a bit to thrown in your face family problems here, kind of ruin the otherwise fun and thrilling experience. I understand the need for both of these, at times however dragging me so far away from what i want to see, to show me a marriage council session is not exactly engrossing, especially when it seems to have no real impact on the film. Which there lays another problem, the film could really have cut some of the more repetitive aspects out and fleshed out some of the characters a bit more, both leads families feel tacked on when they shouldnt, members of the mafia kind of come and go and are mostly forgettable. It would have been better to spend more time bringing their characters to life than trying to throw too many chips on the table. The film does hold its own, despite these minor draw backs, it doesnt really drag, the performances are solid and the entire feel of the film is grand. However a lack of solid subtext over bloats the movie, when that time could have been better spent on beefing up smaller characters.

Rodney C (au) wrote: This could have been a great movie, but it's as thoguh the author wanted to take a direction perhaps to avoid predictability, and was an unnecessary at least I thought at the end. I'd avoid this one! Save your heart and date!

Jonathan M (ag) wrote: An "ok" movie. Nothing spectacular. Watchable though