I Know What You Did Last Summer

I Know What You Did Last Summer

As they celebrate their high school graduation, four friends are involved in a hit-and-run accident when their car hits and apparently kills a pedestrian on an isolated roadway. They dispose of the body and vow to keep the incident a secret, a year later somebody starts sending them letters bearing the warning "I Know What You Did Last Summer."

The movie follows four teens who are being stalked by a killer, one year after their car hits a stranger whose body they dump in the sea. As each of the friends gains their own reminder, they finally accept the one thing they feared the most; someone knows what happened that night, and now they're out for revenge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kit A (de) wrote: funny movie + nice songs!

Noah G (fr) wrote: A mildly entertaining film. Nothing special, but enjoyable enough.

Rusty F (fr) wrote: For a T.V. movie, it is above par but the writing does suffer at times. Does work nicely however in jumping from storyline to storyline while keeping the audience in tune.

Adam B (kr) wrote: pretty damn good actually dropped my pen

Greg W (kr) wrote: another lost review & rating

Letitia R (nl) wrote: This film has such an interesting, dark and vengeful storyline, and it's such a shame the acting lets it down, to the point where Jared Leto's English accent is too hilarious to handle. It's enjoyable for it's quaint charm, but it isn't worth watching unless you have a thing for one of the actors...

Brian Y (us) wrote: not as good as the original.

Leonard D (us) wrote: This could have been as hilarious as Spike Lee's Tales From The Hood, but it's worth checking out.

Sally A (ru) wrote: Yet another attempt to cash in on the success of Jaws but I enjoyed this one - it has a lot of laughs and the actors are all really quite good for a B pic. They were also very sensible about the special effects - its low budget and they worked well with it.

Daniel K (it) wrote: "H.M.S. Defiant" or "Damn the Defiant!" starts by going through the usual motions of a portrayal of the Napoleonic era British Navy, a press gang conscripts men from a port town and supplies are loaded onto the H.M.S. Defiant.However, from there, an interesting rivalry between Captain Crawford, played by Alec Guinness and Lieutenant Scott-Padget, played by Dirk Bograde, develops. Both of these actors gave excellent performances and were supported well by the performances of the ship's crew. The story is supported by a number of battle sequences, which are of high quality.Although this is not the best film portrayal of the British Navy in the Napoleonic era, "H.M.S. Defiant" is solid and worth seeing for the performances of Alec Guinness and Dirk Bograde, as well as its battle sequences.

Dan M (de) wrote: Probably the most ho-hum Sam Jackson movie I've ever seen. Some elements from Oldboy borrowed here(oddly enough another one of his movies, the remake anyways) with a very predictable outcome. This was an hour and a half long but felt more like 2 hours. Snooze.