I leoforos tou misous

I leoforos tou misous


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Alden S (gb) wrote: 9.5 out of 10:It's a bit predictable but with great acting and a powerful story, Fruitvale Station makes a great movie to watch.

Derek B (br) wrote: Nul point. A deadly boring slide-show introduction finally leads to the opening credits and the hope of better things to come... only for another tedious slide show to start. I could not bear more than 10 minutes of this. Have seen better Powerpoint displays.

Sterling S (ag) wrote: A great film about change and the purpose of religion. I agree that its probably overly dramatized in some points, but I guess I look at in comparison with most other Mormon cinema, which is mostly garbage.

Ina S (ag) wrote: Charming film with a delightful Martina Gedeck.

Livia B (it) wrote: Deu uma perdida a partir do meio.

Ryan H (de) wrote: Holy cow Denzel! Fantastic! I'm not going to say that you deserved the Oscar for it, but I get it.

Sylvester K (au) wrote: Retarded, I hated Class of 1999, it may be a fine idea to incorporate terminator like robots, but in a school setting? Are you kidding me? The film did not make much sense at all, probably due to the low budget, it is just way too flimsy and ridiculous. Do not watch it if you hate teenage delinquents.

John L (ca) wrote: This film is a *travesty* to the memory of the 47 Ronin and is an insult to the Japanese. It follows the a typical Hollywood arrogance and utter disrespect for another culture's legends that have solid historical documentation, as if it were a fictional fairy-tale to be rewritten at will. Little wonder that Japanese audiences soundly rejected it, and rightfully so. Hollywood tried to make it into a Japanese "Hobbit" movie with a witch, supernatural magical characters, and plot that doesn't even resemble historical events, other than Lord Asano committing seppuku for attacking Lord Kira, and his loyal ronin under the leadership of his former chamberlain, Oishi, exacting revenge on Lord Kira for having incited Asano's attack on him to precipitate his punishment. Everything else in between all that is utter fantasy. It's little wonder the top critics, who are much more likely to be familiar with the real story, also soundly rejected this movie.My recommendation:See the 1962 Japanese film, Chushingura, instead. It is much closer to the real events and is the most comprehensive post-WWII movie, presented in two parts due to its epic length. This Hollywood insult to well-documented Japanese history is thoroughly disgusting.

Kyle D (it) wrote: Martin Lawrence (as always) shows his comedic magic in yet another hilarious hit. "Blue Streak" is one heck of a ride that you'll want to ride over and over again.

Scott M (ag) wrote: A decent story that was improved by the respective performances of James Caan and Mandy Patinkin.