I Like Killing Flies

I Like Killing Flies

A documentary on the oddball Greenwich Village eatery, Shopsin's.

A documentary on the oddball Greenwich Village eatery, Shopsin's. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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I Like Killing Flies torrent reviews

Brian S (gb) wrote: You should watch this

Timm S (br) wrote: They Gave Ample Warning About The Dangers Of Smoking Prior To This Escapade Beginning..But No ZOMbiE WARNiNG!! ..Loved The Jokes, The Low-Budget Effects Made Me Laff More, & Hearing Indians Frustratatedly Swear At Each Other Is, For Some Reason, Incredibly Entertaining. Goa Makes A Beautiful Backdrop Too.

Derek B (it) wrote: It's as if M. Night Shamalayan wrote an after school special.

Phil N (br) wrote: Yes, the Flight Of The Conchords stars all feature in this NZ supernatural comedy. But take note, they??re only in minor supporting roles, aside from Bret who gets to be a hospital porter. A teacher and student, both suffering from terminal cancer, take part is a new drug trial. The main story ?? medical research facility haunted by former asylum patient ?? is actually decent enough, but the film is let down by its two leads. There??s something creepy about the increasingly amorous relationship between the two, and one can??t help noticing that the writer/producer takes this role for himself! Despite a few choice lines it??s not funny enough as a comedy, and neither is it scary, so it ends up caught somewhere in limbo. A bit like its ghosts.

Private U (au) wrote: kind of cute i was surprised to see tim curry but he did a good job

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Freeman M (br) wrote: Generic and forgettable.

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Russ B (fr) wrote: 12/29/2016: This movie is only for children as the characters and storyline are not that good. Not funny at all, but the animation was decent for a small studio.