I Like to Play Games Too

I Like to Play Games Too

An advertising agent (Maria Ford) comes up against a client (Bobby Johnston) she is unable to manipulate through her seduction games.

A female advertising agent comes up against a man she can't sexually manipulate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frank P (gb) wrote: honestly, not a bad little indie flick...the reviews give it a way worse rating that it is. an interesting subject matter and still interesting story that should be talked about. good performances by all the main cast. again, not bad at all...it was definitely worth renting at redbox. It also tells you that their are a lot of good decent movies that never make major release but yet are still worth your viewing.

David W (us) wrote: Adam Sandler's Star status: D+

(ca) wrote: please who have a link to watch it online?

Eric B (nl) wrote: One of my favorite Chabrol! Isabelle Huppert is astonishing.

Kendall P (gb) wrote: The movie Clueless, is a romantic, witty, dramatic, and comedic film that surprised and shocked me. Cher, named after the award winning singer and actress, is the protagonist of this film. She is known to be the most popular and self centered girl in the school; yet still loved by the whole student body. Her best friend Dionne, named after Dionne Warwick - a famous singer, is also one of the most popular and well known girls in the school. Her and her boyfriend have a difficult, yet loving relationship that makes Cher realize that she wants to find someone to share everyday activities and romantic moments with as well. A few scenes into the movie a new girl shows up to school, Tai. She is a fashion disaster and knows nothing about the sociability of being a popular high school girl. Cher sees this as the perfect opportunity to make it her mission to give her a complete make over - thinking this is the best way to give back to the community and be less self-centered. Cher and Dionne decide to help Tai and make her one of the "it" girls by giving her a make over, buying her a new wardrobe, and entertaining herself in social events. Trying to find Tai a new love also propels Cher in the direction of finding romance. Josh, Cher's ex step-brother, comes to town and spends time helping and learning about law and how to be a litigator. Josh and Cher see each other as sibling figures and become closer throughout the movie. Sooner or later their attraction for each other grows strong and stronger as they begin to put aside the awkward ex step-sibling situation. Clueless is a great example of the genre, romantic comedy. The movie is definitely aimed for teenagers, but like all good comedies, anyone with a witty sense of humor or someone who is in for a couple hours of ironic jokes will enjoy this movie. This older movie speaks to this generation by not judging people by their looks - Cher, Dionne, and Tai all have special qualities and are actually very intelligent. This screamingly funny romantic film perfectly captures the tendencies of 80's and 90's teens. The characters are an absolute joy to watch as they go through romance difficulties during their high school years.

Aaron B (ru) wrote: The ideas behind this movie are absolutely classic. But like nearly all of John Ritter's comedy, it just sort of falls short. A remake with some better actors could be fantastic.

Liam U (nl) wrote: Better than Camp Blood 1 + 2, this third entry benefits from a slightly higher budget. No longer does the film look like it was shot on VHS, and the sound is evidently improved from the various shots featuring the boom mic. Still, the story, script and acting is piss-poor.

Jerry F (de) wrote: A classic 'cult film' of the late 1970's. I first saw it at the Cinema when it was released and came out 'a shocked teenager'...then I realized that this kind of thing really happens. Then I saw again on the TV more than 30 years later...still good...so many talented actors looking so young !

Darren H (ca) wrote: The year 1940 was a grim one for Britain. With their backs up against the wall they were the lone country in Western Europe still resisting the onslaught of Nazi Germany. Many felt that German victory was a foregone conclusion and after appealing for peace with the island nation Hitler unleashed the luftwaffe on the country in an effort to pave the way for an eventual land invasion. Outnumbering the British in the number of aircraft the Germans began bombing airfields in Britain in an attempt to immobilize the beleaguered Royal Air Force. In this battle for the skies the British pilots, the Free French and Polish exiles stood together and faced off the threat in heroic style. Produced by Harry Saltzman, one of the men behind the James Bond movies and directed by Guy Hamiltom (who had performed a similar chore for Saltzman on "Goldfinger") the movie features a veritable who's who cast of British stars. Joining Michael Caine, Robert Shaw, Harry Andrews, Edward Fox, Ralph Richardson, Trevor Howard and Laurence Olivier was Canadian star Christopher Plummer and German actor Curt Jurgens (who would go on later to play a Bond villain). Based loosely on the book "Dual of Eagles" Hamilton directs "Battle of Britain" with his usual flair and the colors are vivid. "Battle of Britain" has been applauded for its accuracy. In short it is a triumph of sixties World War II filmmaking.

Lars B (ru) wrote: It's a good movie. Two cool guys and a hot woman...

Keenan S (ag) wrote: Oklahoma! is a fun, but very cheesy musical. While the script is weak and some of the musical numbers are also somewhat weak, this film still has plenty of humor, most of the tunes are great, and the acting is solid all around. It's not the greatest musical ever made by a long shot, but it sure is a fun one to watch.

Jimmy M (ru) wrote: one of the greastest POW films of all time.

Matthew B (kr) wrote: Harry Lime: "Don't be so gloomy. After all it's not that awful. Like the fella says, in Italy for 30 years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly love - they had 500 years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock. So long Holly".The Third Man is about Harry Lime who has died in a car accident. Previously he had invited one of his closest friends to join him. His friend now must find out if the story is true and the mystery behind it.The Third Man or best known has Orson Welles second best movie with Citizen Kane still at number 1. This time Carol Reed takes the directing chair and not Orson Welles but I got to be honest here I actually thought that Orson Welles directed this movie just by the way it was shot and acted it looked like his kind of film, because while watching the movie I didn't do any research on the film so I just watch the movie without nothing about the film and while watching the movie I was wounding if Orson Welles directed it's not until the end credits when I find out that Carol Reed directed it. Orson Welles and Carol Reed are both genius when it comes to movies and The Third Man isn't anything different as this is one of the best movies ever made.Carol Reed directing in this movie is absolutely magnificent and pure cinema gold. At times I felt like I was watching a Orson Welles movie just by the way it was shot and how it was acted and how it was executed made it feel like another great movies all together in one. Carol Reed was a fantastic director for this movie as he made a brilliant mystery thriller like The Third Man. Nice work Carol Reed. The movie has this gloomy but yet a wide cinematic feeling to it that made this movie truly special then it is. With every shot in this movie that's both stunning and dazzling to my eyes. The famous scene in the sewers with that ionic image of Orson Welles is cinematography at it's best. Excellent work Robert Krasker the Cinematography of the movie. Joseph Cotten and Orson Welles both did a outstanding performance in this movie and so did everyone else in the film. Everyone in the movie delivered so much to they characters and to be honest I didn't find anyone else in the movie that did a terrible job. You can tell while watching the movie that these actors put a lot into they characters and it paid off brilliantly.Now for the problems that I had with this movie: I honestly didn't find a single thing that was a problem to me or even a flaw in this movie. You could say that it might be perfect, do I think it's perfect? well yeah, I do.Overall The Third Man is a movie that's absolutely worth checking out. These some other things in the movie that I could have brought up but to be honest and I do bring this up a lot and for good reasons. I want you the viewer to watch this movie like I did by not knowing much about the movie but only knowing the praise the movie got, I'm telling you to do this so you can experience what I experience. The Third Man is a classic at it's best.

Alex M (de) wrote: really enjoyed this one. fritz lang very astutely directs this interesting noir about a timid hobbyist painter who just wants a better life, and thinks he might be close to it when he gets noticed after rescuing a mysterious bombshell, Kitty...i really loved the chemistry between these two- Edward G. Robinson(who i had only seen in double indemnity) brings incredible pathos to his Chris character- and you can't help to feel so sorry for this guy. I was completely taken away by the finale, and the following scenes really effectively portrayed the theme of the movie. some of the acting was very over the top but i figure fritz lang wanted to balance the overall tone of the film, and keep it from being a straightforward dark noir...it was rather bleak and depressing at times. i just realized-i can't believe the synopsis spoils the twist..i would've been really angry had i seen the movie after reading the synopsis on this site..luckily, i didn't. and boy Joan Bennett was a fox back then...but she plays such a vile character, and I'm really surprised that she didn't turn for the better in the end. very....real, I have to say.

Seth B (kr) wrote: Definately not Denzel or Russell Crowe's best work. But still somewhat entertaining.

Andrei G (es) wrote: Great result after removing several character from the comic book origin.