I Love Hong Kong 2013

I Love Hong Kong 2013

Eric Tsang and stars are back with another entry into the "I Love Hong Kong" franchise this Chinese New Year with a story that is set in the 1970s, a decade of economic growth and prosperity for Hong Kong and the citizens.

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Ian M (de) wrote: This is a distinctly average Rom Com. The best part is Zac Efron without clothes several times and the kinda cute ending. Not really much else to say about it.

Jay P (fr) wrote: Really enjoyable. Not as affecting as Bleu but rather bittersweet, and subtly comedic with some strong undertones.

Caesar B (nl) wrote: One of the most under-appreciated bio-pics of it's time, Bugsy is a terrific gangster epic about the man who had a vision: Las Vegas. Toback's script is impeccable, and Beatty and Benning tear up the screen!

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Dan H (es) wrote: Good movie, classic.

Private U (nl) wrote: great acting. a really good movie about a controversial figure.

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Jamie H (kr) wrote: Very offensive and did not portray all white America!

Lanky Man P (it) wrote: One best horror comedy thrills out there. Just pure greatness.