I Love You Too

I Love You Too

Written by comedian Peter Helliar, I LOVE YOU TOO stars Brendan Cowell as Jim, a 30-something emotionally stunted man whose inability to declare his love to his girlfriend, Alice, threatens to cost him the best thing he ever had but leads him to befriend a talented dwarf who helps him find the words to get her back.

Jim and Blake are best friends. After 3 years with many efforts, Jim does not dare to declare his love to Alice meanwhile Blake hopes the ralationship of Jim and Alice can be broken in order to get his mate back. One day, Jim has a chance to meet a photographer Charlie who gives him meaning lessons. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex C (gb) wrote: good story, but was very boring to watch

Peter L (kr) wrote: Just saw this terrific documentary appropriately before MLK weekend. It's another look at the US Civil Rights Movement but takes a different slant by showcasing the songs of the era that helped inspired the movement. Interspersed amongst the archival footage are performances of the old songs interpreted by contemporary artists. With the limited running time of the movie, it is unfortunate that other aspects of the Civil Rights Movement couldn't be included, but the film provides a riveting look and sounds of the times.

Joe W (au) wrote: A smart intense thriller with doses of horror a sad but amazing ending

Donald Z (de) wrote: I tried watching this again. Charlie started singing, then I left. I might go back to it and give it another chance again. Until I do though, the score I gave it when I was younger of a five goes to a 2.5. A similar story/trend to/as with many things I once liked as a younger guy. Hm. I'll leave it at a three not to be too cruel to my younger self.

Christopher S (ag) wrote: Charles Bronson vs. child prostitution scumbags in this sleazefest from our friends Golan-Globus & Cannon Films!Just finished watching this & it was really hilarious overall despite the suggestive themes of sickos selling off young girls as prostitutes. Duke was the sleaziest of the sleazy & in a different move, he wasn't killed by Bronson at the end. He got sent to prison where it was implied that he was going to get raped by all of the inmates....including Danny Trejo! Trejo had only one line as he had a scummy grin on his face while looking at Duke:"Hey sweet thing! I got something biig and long for you!"And Bronson kicked another guy through a shelf with glasses on it. That same guy later got accidently dropped off a balcony into a swimming pool by Perry Lopez & Charles Bronson when the guy's shoes slipped off. And I'm pretty sure that guy was Lite from Repo Man. The first ten minutes of the film contain Charles Bronson shoving a dildo in a pervs ass. It doesn't show the actually dildo shoving but it's implied that it happens as the guy screams & the camera shows the backs walking away of Perry Lopez aka Ed Zacharias from Death Wish 4(and Bronson's partner in this) & Nicole Eggert.Bronson also kicks the perv through a cabinet.And later, Bronson makes child prostitution kingpin & piece of shit, Duke, eat his gold wristwatch.He told Duke that he'd rather shove it up his ass but he doesn't want to get his hands dirty & that Duke has to look between his legs to tell the time.

Benjamin O (ru) wrote: Screechy inebriation.

Anna C (us) wrote: This australian movie is a patchwork of some others like Resident Evil, Pandorum, etc. Anyway it has something original and the results are quite good. It could also be the beginning of a new saga, but I think the leading actress is not enough impressive or charismatic.

Frit F (ca) wrote: What a HOT film!!!!!!

Brian S (ca) wrote: The worst post-apocalyptic film i have ever seen! The real problem with this movie is that there are two different plot lines in the same film. It's too bad, because one of them was very interesting, but the film was turned into crap. And the silly special effects don't help. Not recommended.