I Love Your Work

I Love Your Work

A fictional movie star, Gray Evans, goes through the disintegration of his marriage, his gradual mental breakdown, and his increasing obsession with a young film student who reminds Gray of his own life before becoming famous. A dark psychological drama, I Love Your Work explores the pressures of fame and the difference between getting what you want and wanting what you get.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:111 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   band,   fight,  

The film follows fictional movie star Gray Evans through the disintegration of his marriage, his gradual mental breakdown, and his increasing obsession with a young film student who reminds... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bob G (mx) wrote: Long, convoluted, but well done. Interesting.

Ryan M (nl) wrote: Funny take on the "conversation" comedy.

Indike W (br) wrote: I honestly had no idea this was an actual movie till I started watching it. I loved how spot-on Darren Boyd was in playing Cleese, and Charles Edwards' resemblance to Palin was uncanny! There were a few laughs, but what's interesting is that this is pretty much what they really had to go through. As a movie on it's own, this wasn't very good.. but as a reminder of the Pythons, it was nice and it'll only make you wanna watch "Life of Brian" all over again, which was, indeed, one of the best comedies to come from UK.

Jarvise A (es) wrote: Cute Story Line... Funny, Great Ending

Ryan A (jp) wrote: 2/14Home with Kel. Subtitles, but great story if corruption in Brazil. Very fast paced and action orientated.

Rushik R (nl) wrote: its a gr8 fun movie.. its directed by umesh shukla only n not kumar bhatia..

Jonny T (us) wrote: wkd but not better than the first

anthony m (br) wrote: Has some laughs but overall this was a very unnecessary and disappointing sequel

Edith N (fr) wrote: Not Even the Cast Can Save This Movie From Its Own Ending I'm really going to have to give spoilers here, because I reached the last five minutes and couldn't give the movie a positive review anymore. I really, really wanted to, and I just couldn't. I am in general a big fan of the neo-noir, and I'm always up for a movie about police corruption in Los Angeles. (This is a much larger genre than the city would really like us to think.) This movie has an impressive cast, albeit a B-list impressive cast at best, but in the end, literally, its flaws just outweighed what was otherwise a perfectly watchable film. Oh, don't get me wrong. I had not been considering giving this movie a [i]high[/i] rating, but I had been wavering between a six and a seven for most of the film. It even featured a rare restrained performance from John Malkovich, whom I love but who has a bit of a tendency to go scenery-chewing. But then, it all went nuts in the last few minutes and killed its own suspense. Max Hoover (Nick Nolte) is the utmost in Crooked LA Cops. He and his colleagues are introduced showing an East Coast mobster (William Petersen) and his no-good mouthpiece (Rob Lowe) that they don't want organized crime in Los Angeles; they throw Petersen off a cliff, the eponymous falls. (It's a joke!) And the next day, they discover that a beautiful young woman, Allison Pond (Jennifer Connelly), has been murdered. She is driven so far into the ground that they go looking for heavy-moving equipment, and the coroner (Richard Sylbert) assumes she's been thrown off a cliff. Max discovers that her next-door neighbour, Jimmy Fields (Andrew McCarthy), has been filming Allison as she has dalliances with General Thomas Timms (Malkovich), who is in charge of nuclear testing for the military. Oh, and with Max himself. The FBI gets involved because of the federal implications, and their way of getting Max to back off is by sending some of that film to his wife, Katherine (Melanie Griffith). It doesn't work. So far, so good, right? The police chief is an uncredited Bruce Dern, yet another example of the spot-on casting for a lot of the picture. There's always been something a little seedy about Bruce Dern, and after all, this is a police chief who is actively supporting what is basically a hit squad. Treat Williams is Colonel Nathan Fitzgerald, the person who is really running things out at the military base. The other members of the squad are played by Chazz Palminteri, Michael Madsen, and Chris Penn. Jimmy is expressly gay, but the film treats him with respect even if the other characters don't--if they all had, it would have rung false to the era in which the film is set. The script is weak, and the score really belongs in a Douglas Sirk film--or [i]Escape to Witch Mountain[/i]--more than it does in this story, but it wasn't too grating most of the time. Neo-noir shouldn't be so lushly scored, but I was willing to accept that. There were problems, but it wasn't the most terrible movie of its genre ever. And then, there was the ending. It seems that Fitzgerald had Allison thrown out of a plane because she was threatening the work they were doing. Which is ridiculous enough as it is. But somehow, they get Max and Elleroy Coolidge (Palminteri, who doesn't look like a Coolidge) to get up in a parachuting training plane--no door--to take them back to LA from the base, despite the fact that I'm pretty sure they drove there themselves. While they're on the plane, Max figures out what had happened, because of course he did by being in [i]the exact same situation in which they killed Allison[/i], and realizes that the plan is now to kill him and Coolidge in the same incredibly suspicious way that will of course in no way lead back to the place they were likely to have been before ending up dead. So Max and Coolidge manage to successfully fight Fitzgerald and the soldier whose name I missed, despite being held at gunpoint. Naturally, the pilot has been shot in the struggle, and they must keep him alive long enough to get the plane down. And then the pilot dies of his wounds, Coolidge reveals that he was shot, and he dies, too. You see. Any goodwill left at that point is pretty much gone. I mean, I was willing to believe that people were swooning over Jennifer Connelly. I was willing to believe the blackmail scam. Heck, I'll even believe both that she might have been murdered to keep government secrets and that the FBI would think that revealing Max's affair to Katherine would get him to back off. I definitely believe that the plan would backfire! But I don't believe that the FBI would go to such lengths as murdering Jimmy in such a dramatic fashion. I don't believe that a murder intended to keep government secrets--either Jimmy's, Allison's, or that of the two cops--would have been in such a way that couldn't possibly have been, say, just a mugging or an accident or something. And I don't believe it would have been done in a way that relied on just a couple of random guys to keep quiet. I mean, what's the pilot's stake in the whole thing?

Timm S (ag) wrote: A Different Take On The Surf Culture Being Fun & Having Some Minor Points Of Hillarity.

Anthony C (br) wrote: More well made then most Godfrey Ho films.Also this the only one i've seen of his that does not use the cut and paste technique. But still has some trade marks such as his bad acting and random out of nowhere scenes. This film also has whats possiblly the wierdest as well as unitenally funny fight scenes i have ever seen. recommened to martial arts fans and fans of chesse action flicks. SEE YA!!

Adam B (kr) wrote: A sweet love letter to romantic comedies of the '80s and '90s, as well as bowling.

Alice (us) wrote: On land, on sea, or in the air, no place is safe from them!

Anthony S (de) wrote: This is my favorite Woody Allen movie ever. I just could not stop laughing.

Paavo I (fr) wrote: The plots of this film series are getting a bit repetitive. This has a couple of nice little hooks to still maintain interest.

Jeff B (fr) wrote: Just a wonderful film stem to stern, a Leone classic. Great cast, great story, and of course it's riddled with the Leone classic touch: the close ups, the drawn out tension building scenes, and of course just the true grit of all his westerns is all here. If you're just looking for continuous action, you won't find it here. But the slow, measured pace is one element of the film that creates such impact. Bronson, Robards, Fonda, and Cardinale give great performances. What else can you say but epic Sergio Leone

Greg W (ag) wrote: interesting mix of comedy & mystery

Jc E (au) wrote: An early film made exactly 40 years ago by prodigious and prolific Steven Spielberg. The young and talented Goldie Hawn delights us no end in this comedy that ended tragically. It is a true story. In the sprit of 'Smoky and the bandit', we are entertained by the crazy gun loving trigger happy midwestern culture and the over the top police force for mobilizing 100s of police cars and gun men in pursuit of a couple who just wanted to get to their baby. Goldie Hawn and William Atherton held hostage a young police officer, Michael Sacks and stole his police car. The film is mostly about the wild adventures of them racing across the country towards their destination Sugarland where the baby is cared by foster parents. By the end of the long chase, the hostage police officer experienced Stockholm syndrome and became sympathetic towards the hostage takers' plight and bonded with them during the long chase that ended an ambush. Poor William was shot dead. Goldie didn't get her baby and was devastated. Officer Michael Sacks grieved for his new found friends.

Mark P (ru) wrote: Good for a one off, film did drag on a bit