I'm Not Scared

I'm Not Scared

While playing outside one day, nine-year-old Michele discovers Filippo, who is chained to the ground at the bottom of a hole. Michele witnesses town baddie Felice nearby and suspects something bad is happening. Michele is unsure whom he should tell about his discovery, eventually spilling the beans to his closest friend. Michele's parents learn of his discovery and warn him to forget what he saw

A young boy accidentally discovers a deep hole in the ground, where another boy is kept prisoner. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juli N (ru) wrote: Way too much cutesy kid, budding romance and bro humor going on for it to be taken seriously!

MarcAndr B (ag) wrote: un peu trop long. on fini par perdre le fil.... dommage. la finale est bien!!

T L (mx) wrote: This deserves a 0.25/5 rating, sadly Flixster doesn't allow it. Why do they make films like this?

Muhammad S (br) wrote: nice movie .. adkins/van dam <3

Serge L (nl) wrote: This is a rare find. A film that overlaps very well the beginning of a spanish abusive invasion with modern abuse by a multinational. And of course the utter carelessness of the government in between. Very good reenactments of some past abusive events by the empire and the current (or recent) riots. The human questions and relations are not simplistic in this film and renders the complex reality. People expressing niceties before trouble comes are not necessarily the ones able to fight or resist abuses. A lot is conveyed in an incredible short time. Great film.

Miguel A (us) wrote: Documentrio sobre o filme pornogrfico mais famoso de sempre no me aquece nem me arrefece, talvez porque no me surpreendeu muito em relao ao que j esperava. Faz uma boa combinao de entrevistas de arquivo com outras recentes, mas os episdios so retratos de forma ultra-simplista ( moda norte-americana muito mais que europeia) e com pouco espao para uma reflexo mais profunda sobre o fenmeno cultural que mudou tanta coisa na indstria de entretenimento. Apesar de ter sido o centro do filme, a Linda Lovelace tem direito a um testemunho que no ultrapassa os 5 minutos e parece amanhado muito pressa (talvez por falta de colaborao dela ou porque morreu antes do documentrio estar concludo). No final, uma ronda de imagens Where are they now?? parece tamb (C)m o pior clich (C) possvel num documentrio que pretende ser s (C)rio (com narrao do Dennis Hopper e tudo). A linha de interesse que mant (C)m o filme vivo incide essencialmente no percurso incontrolvel que pode ter uma excelente ideia inovadora, desde a sua execuo at (C) ao ponto de estar completamente dissimulada, numa indstria pornogrfica completamente amn (C)sica em relao s suas origens.

Andrew U (nl) wrote: An excellent film on the absurdity of war. Excellent use of flashbacks and multiple story lines, coupled with touches of surrealism.

Arun C (gb) wrote: How to get laid.Step 1) Get a car*stuff happens*Step 274) Turn into Mothra

Eric H (gb) wrote: When I hear the name Paul Hogan I automatically think Crocodile Dundee. This film is designed as a comedy but turns into an adventure film with alot of laughs. Join Sue as she travels to Australia to meet with a man who supposably has a legendary encounter with a crodile. Mic Dundee turns out to be quite a character. An australian "cowboy" with no real contact with modern society. As the movie progresses he journeys to New York city where he attempts to come to terms with modern polite society. A lot of fun and safe for the whole family.

The Critic (fr) wrote: A light-hearted take on the Zorro legend with George Hamilton in duel roles, flexing his comedic muscles as a philanderer and his flamboyantly gay twin brother who take turns in portraying the titular hero with varying results. But the film belongs to the wonderful pairing of Ron Leibman and Brenda Vaccaro, whose love-hate relationship as Esteban and Florinda showcases a number of scene-stealing physical gags and one-liners. By no means politically correct and falling short of being exceptional, but this is a fun, easy-going ride.

David H (us) wrote: Pretty crappy overall but it's got some great kills and several "so-bad-it's-good" moments.

Pam B (mx) wrote: All the carry on movie's are wonderful and a long time memory.

Noah K (jp) wrote: Visually stunning, mind bending, and nothing short of a masterpiece. This film definitely requires multiple watches as it is massively confusing if you miss one key point early on.

David J (ca) wrote: The film starts out much better than one would expect for an unnecessary money-grab sequel, but the plot starts out simple and spirals into confusion shorty. Fight scenes look extra watered down and Ed Skrein, though a decent lead, lacks the charisma Jason Statham brought to the table.