I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

A disturbed,institutionalized 16-year-old girl struggles between fantasy and reality.

A disturbed,institutionalized 16-year-old girl struggles between fantasy and reality. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


I Never Promised You a Rose Garden torrent reviews

Kale W (nl) wrote: 2.92 --- Caught in a tailspin from the beginning and you're just left feeling empty inside.

Jose S (jp) wrote: Buen film noir a la mexicana, logra crear una atmsfera sugestiva y, para variar, no est ubicado en el D.F. Lo malo son algunas actuaciones...

Carlos M (gb) wrote: I'm surprised that this final chapter does have something to say after many movies about nothing, but while things do happen for a change and the climax is urgent and exciting, we are hit by a ridiculous twist that makes it collapse entirely to the ground. At least it is finally over.

Ethan H (it) wrote: It drowns under the weight of it's boring and slow story. Honesty is the best policy and when a couple can't be honest with each other then it's time to get out especially when it's as dull as this one.

Mohit A (mx) wrote: An unlikely story of redemption.

Private U (ca) wrote: LOVED IT ... Saw it in person as well!

Mique W (mx) wrote: Although the narrative feels uneven and familiar, In Secret is an intriguing, risky, beautifully shot, expertly acted Shakesperean tragedy.

Christina T (br) wrote: splendid. David Gordon Green is getting it right

Mohamed O (nl) wrote: Celebrating the Unreasonable ..

Wes S (us) wrote: There are some nice moments and some interesting scenes, but the characters aren't too interesting and the monster is hilariously bad looking. It's not the worst movie out there but it's not too entertaining.

JonErik F (mx) wrote: One of Cagney's best

Maddy S (ag) wrote: For those who want to see a genuine war film, this is the one to see. Shot whilst the WW2 was raging on, it shows real emotion on the men's faces. Brilliantly shot to portray how everyday, normal men were chosen to fight and pull together then sent to northern Africa, out-numbered but determined to follow their leader's to keep fighting to the end. Fantastic.

Dennis G (de) wrote: Told her to not open the door. She opened the door and all hell broke loose. Predictable horror pic