Albert Einstein helps a young man who's in love with Einstein's niece to catch her attention by pretending temporarily to be a great physicist.

Albert Einstein helps a young man who's in love with Einstein's niece to catch her attention by pretending temporarily to be a great physicist. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alejandro C (kr) wrote: Realmente mala. La premisa de la que parte no tiene sentido. Los efectos son mediocres, as como los actores.

Des S (es) wrote: I thought this turned out to be a lot better than I was expecting. It wasn't as scary as the first one, but it was still just as creepy.

Thomas T (ag) wrote: Green Lantern: First Flight is definitely a takeoff.

dean h (ca) wrote: really should drop this idea or learn to make a better movie

Greg S (jp) wrote: A female cop in Tokyo's private police force fights against a plague of mutant serial killers. Along with MACHINE GIRL this was the flick that launched the current Japanese tsunami of pulp-surreal gore comedies; with its satirical commercials, over-the-top splatter set pieces, and general bizarre atmosphere, TGP is probably the apex of this disreputable mini-genre.

Chucky (es) wrote: November 25 2009December 6-7th 2011July 25th 2013January 5th 2016

HoT StReAk BlOnDe (mx) wrote: i like this one much entertaining i reckon

Christopher B (mx) wrote: There's a large number of people who think they know what cinema should be. Artists are either there to make one think or to entertain. As long as your thinking about the correct things. Noe has always spit in the face of convention, making bleak movies that could be argued have no redeemable values. Sure they have serious issues in them, incest, rape, murder, vengeance, etc, but they don't give clear answers or even opinions. Noe seems to be just fascinated by the dark side of mankind and beyond (time destroys everything after all). Which is a-okay with me, but for those easily offended or don't believe in expressing nihilism for nihilism's sake should stay far away from his output.Carne is the short film that I Stand Alone is based on. It makes a great introduction for that film and also works as a great introduction to an incredible new talent in cinema. Nahon is excellent as usual and the story is downbeat while Noe's filmmaking still make it very watchable.

Steven G (de) wrote: i'm just gonna say that i'm not a james garner fan. that's all. no real complaints about this movie

Candace S (ru) wrote: My favorite movie from my childhood.

Matthew L (ru) wrote: Haunting, beautifully shot tale of four Iranian women during the 1953 coup, each abused by the men in their lives in different ways, who find peace and refuge in a lush orchard far from the turmoil. Some of the stories work better than others, but director Shirin Neshat conjures a powerful mood, even if it falls just short of compelling.

Adam E (fr) wrote: Charming Disney film in which Dean Jones is haunted by Blackbeard's Ghost who is invisible to everyone but himself. Cue lots of scenes with Jones making a prat of himself with an invisible pirate lol

Robert K (nl) wrote: "Uh oh, something tells me we ain't in Kansas no more, Toto." Entertaining 80's teen sci-fi comedy, with a young John Stockwell trying to prevent disaster after accidentally unleashing a time warp on his school. Chock full of 80's references throughout, it's a time capsule of it's own and needs to be seen by any 80's connoisseur.