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19 years old Neve sees women out of focus - but he can see them properly when they are recorded on magnetic tape or film. This is why he wears a special pair of camera-glasses which, recording every single moment of his life, allow him to see everything correctly. His life actually becoming one of the movies he has been watching since he was a child. Until the day he meets the one and only woman he can see at naked eye.

Neve, 19 years old, suffers from a unique eye disease: he sees all women out of focus. He can see them properly only in movies or, more precisely, when they are recorded on magnetic tape or... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark A (ca) wrote: I found myself extremely frustrated that it took this total nebish so long to figure out that his ex-girlfriend was a selfish biotch, and that his new friend was a treasure. Totally self-absorbed, socially inept, and hopelessly obtuse, I found it hard to believe he could attract either one of these two lovelies. But, having said that, the film did manage to entertain and hold my interest. The title is certainly apropos. Awkwardness abounds. There are a few chuckles and some delightful eye-candy and the ending, when it finally gets there, is somewhat satisfying. I am not sure I can look at a cantaloupe again without conjuring up one particularly salacious scene, but then again, one uses whatever educational props one has at hand to get the message across and this one was, if nothing else, effective.

Yuki I (ca) wrote: I feel uncomfortable to say it's a comedy.

Mirelle M (jp) wrote: it has Dave Matthews in it..cool

Frodo B (it) wrote: I think this is one of the most underrated documentaries in a long time. This films message can be understood by anyone. It's a true lesson to life.

TheMumblelover (br) wrote: A unique romantic film if can be called that, its truly an original piece of work and is very funny as well as being dark. Another great film looking at life, love and the intricacies of human nature.

Zachary F (au) wrote: An original and bizarre adventure into the human condition, and dealing with insecurities. There a few twists and turns, but don't expect any satisfying conclusion.

Rob P (es) wrote: I'm still not sure about this film. It wasn't amazing, but rather interesting. Two guys work for an agency that goes into memories to find people. It's very subtle in its approach and leaves several unanswered questions.

Jon N (gb) wrote: I was first attracted to this film for it's zombie content. which in essence is quite low. this film feels more like a halloween style slasher. but secondly for the reason that it was a larry cohen story which as a concept was great just didn't transpire to great things. never mind because for the 10 second that forster is on screen you will laugh all the way back to blockbuster.

Jonathan L (de) wrote: A very beautiful story that has a little bit of everything in it. While the movie follows a deers growth into a young buck and the problems he runs in to while he learns new things, of the world and life. It also captures the beutys and fears of the animal kingdom in a beautiful way. The soundtrack throughout the movie is great and it's almost working as to show us what Bambi feels, like an extra sense.

Richard D (es) wrote: The first film where Bogart was given a lead role, and he very clearly displays his star presence. The script co-written by John Huston and W.R. Burnett is strong (I especially like Bogart's little story/threat told to Cornel Wilde) and Raoul Walsh's direction is typically solid, but it's really Bogart who elevates the film to something special. Ida Lupino, Arthur Kennedy, Henry Travers and Barton MacLane all provide strong support.

Charlie 7 (mx) wrote: Your kidding me. Why the heck does this film have a 72% on the user score? This film was dumb on every level.

Ben M (kr) wrote: A typical story of a sex obsessed jock who learns to love. With plot points drawn from almost every teen comedy this film is predictable down to who gets the girl. Some humour is in place though that still makes it an alright movie if you are looking for a comedy.

Nicolas B (ru) wrote: Matthew Vaughn directional debut is intense, exciting and really, really British (especially the ending).