I Remember Mama

I Remember Mama

The ups and downs of a Norwegian immigrant family, circa 1910.

The ups and downs of a Norwegian immigrant family, circa 1910. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Larry Y (ru) wrote: putting this on the watchlist because Joe Bob Briggs recommended it.

Andr F (mx) wrote: what a sack of shit Mr. Lynch!!

George B (br) wrote: Fifty Pills is a decent comedy with a fairly unknown cast. The premise of the movie is that a smart kid gets in trouble in college because of his obnoxious roommate and loses his scholarship. He has the weekend to make his tuition so decides to sell extacy. Eddie Kaye Thomas has a very funny part in this movie. just his part in this movie is worth giving 50 pills a shot. Hottie kristen bell is probably the most popular in this movie. All in all this movie had some reality to it for college kids but was very funny.

JeanFrancois V (mx) wrote: If you are a Bruce Campbell fan, this film is for you, for it boasts no less than three of them: screenwriter Bruce Campbell, director Bruce Campbell and actor Bruce Campbell, the last of whom is probably the one you are already familiar with. All three of them are rumoured actually to be the same man, under three different hats, presumably to hide the ugly scars on his forehead. Had I seen Carl Reiner's "The Man With Two Brains", I would probably say this film is a rip off, but since I haven't, I won't suggest any such thing. "The Man with the Screaming Brain" does involve a kind of brain transplant, and a lot of (not too bright or too original) slapstick humour about a body (Campbell's) controlled by two different and generally disagreeing wills: that of an obnoxious and patronising American CEO, and that of a very Yegor and resourceful Bulgarian taxi driver. Other characters include a gynoid (which I believe was called P-Money Mobot), an overly made-up Bulgarian femme fatale with an evil grin, Stacy Keach as a would- be Nobel-Prize-winning Bulgarian scientist and Ted Raimi (the other Raimi's little brother) as his completely goofy assistant - the presence of so many Bulgarians, of course, being due to the film's being set in Bulgaria. This kind of film rests on its silliness and preposterousness reaching a certain critical mass, but I'm afraid it doesn't quite make it and fails to really achieve the campiness of, say, "The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra." However, there are some rather brilliant stunts rivalling anything from the James Bond movies, such as the one involving a clothesline, a pink Vespa and a nondescript, stationary Eastern block car. My favorite parts were the robot dance (though I've seen much more impressive stuff on YouTube, but I have a soft spot for the form) and the rap song that plays over the end credits, which suggests that my reason for not giving this film more stars is not that it was too stupid for me.

chris j (ru) wrote: Ben Foster completely owns this performance as Armstrong. A tour de force, if you will.

Bruno D (mx) wrote: Alien 3 is the third chapter in the Alien saga. This movie is not nearly as good as the first two and can down right be a tragedy but it grows on you. At first I found the movie to be boring with not much really happening as well has having really strange looking special effects than can easily be mistaken as crappy cgi when it was really a puppet. Over the years I began to understand the story more an appreciate the film for what it is. It has great performances by the main cast, the alien creature has a beautiful design to it, the music is absolutely amazing and the overall tone is perfect for the film. The movie has great emotional scenes which are helped by the great performance by Sigourney Weaver. I really like the dark and moody tone to the movie. It uses a lot of browns and oranges for the films overall color palette which help give off the moody theme to it. The ending is also the perfect way to conclude the saga even though it didn't end. Overall the film isn't perfect but it has its place in the series. 4/5

Tricia (nl) wrote: Haven't seen this movie for ages! Do remember it was really funny though!

Ken S (gb) wrote: I first saw this years ago in Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie. Even as a kid I never found the film version as entertaining as the series. But seeing the film on its own years later, I can kind of see why. It is not nearly as bad as the films the show had already gone through over the years, and their jokes don't feel as great when poking fun at something that is average, not horrendous as per usual. The make up effects, the monster costume, the matte paintings, the opticals, and even the sets are all pretty state of the art for their day, even if they all seem just a cut below Forbidden Planet. But unlike Forbidden Planet the film has only a half realized script. Its story is interesting and unique, but it sort of falls apart half-way through, becomes sort of a slow moving pointless monster film with no real ending. Every plot line just sort of ends anti-climatically. If they spent half as much time on the script as they had on the amazing visuals, this film wouldn't be as forgotten as it has sort of become. In the end I'll stick with Forbidden Planet.

Mauricio M (fr) wrote: Mas que un documental, 20.000 Days on Earth es la vision de Nick Cave sobre su proceso creativo. No existe ni el mas minimo atisbo de pretension de parte de esta artista y por el contario el filme se percibe bastante honesto, ilustrando con segmentos que se mueven entre la realidad y la ficcion, su vision personal sobre lo que se debio atravesar para caminar hasta el dia #20.000 de su existencia sobre la tierra.Sus confesiones sobre las experiencias artisticas con Nina Simone son fascinantes.

David S (gb) wrote: I was really digging this, up until the third act. Nicole Kidman offered an excellent performance of a woman going crazy with the disappearance of her children. Joseph Fiennes and Hugo Weaving also delivered great acts. What killed this movie for me was the wide open and unanswered ending. How you leave that big of a hole is beyond me.

Kevin A (nl) wrote: 5 stars from past views