I Saw Ben Barka Get Killed

I Saw Ben Barka Get Killed

January 1966. In a Paris apartment, police discovered the corpse of Georges Figon, the man who broke the scandal of the Ben Barka affair and undermined Gaullist power. A year earlier, Figon, tired of dubious deals and petty scams, is looking for a juicy blow. Close to the "middle" since his years in prison, he was given a large mission: to produce a documentary about decolonization, written by Marguerite Duras and directed by Georges Franju, with the help of the famous Moroccan opponent Mehdi Ben Barka, hired as a historical consultant. This film project is a trap ...

My name is Georges Figon. Okay I'm dead but, being the talkative kind, death isn't going to stop me from speaking. Yes, I'm a shady individual. Sure I have links with the underworld and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Micah B (nl) wrote: #8 POV aggregate 2011

Gethin R (gb) wrote: with a budget of around $15 and worse acting than any other movie ever made you'd expect this to be terrible. but it's an absolute classic! mini invisible flesh eaters, 'bdsm' mentioned every two minutes, and a monster vagina. what more could you want from a film?

Marylu V (kr) wrote: are ya'll effin kidding me!! 61% for this flick??? WTF! the ONLY reason I "watched" this (I literally skipped all the boring silent parts) was because I like Matt Damon, no I LOVE Matt Damon and I like Casey. That's IT. I like to watch them both interact, but besides that...man this movie was a disappointment, something that the actors had fun with ad lib-ing the lines. But nothing compared to other movies these two have had.

Manus O (br) wrote: Oh MY GOD!!! Could i be more impressed!

Stefan S (us) wrote: the jams in the extras on the dvd are amazing

Walter M (jp) wrote: This is a phantasmagorical, yet nonsensical, coming of age story about Valerie(Jaroslava Schallerova) whose fears as she grows up are represented in not only the changing world around her but also the magical changelings who populate it. Some of whom might be related to her, but on the other hand, maybe not.

Richard D (jp) wrote: It's like what could have been a couple Star Trek episodes. The majority of the film is a survival story between two enemies, the third act becomes an adventure film. You can tell it's based on a book with the films odd pacing and somewhat episodic format. Acting is up and down. Effects are solid for 85, even though they clearly stole from Star Wars and Battlestar. While it's predictable, it is still fun to watch these two cultures collide.

Dustin P (us) wrote: An ok drama/comedy/romance film. Not bad, not great.

Gav R (br) wrote: some horrific attacking, bad accents galore and Hugh Jackmans worse role