I See a Dark Stranger

I See a Dark Stranger

Determined, independent Bridie Quilty comes of age in 1944 Ireland thinking all Englishmen are devils. Her desire to join the IRA meets no encouragement, but a German spy finds her easy to recruit. We next find her working in a pub near a British military prison, using her sex appeal in the service of the enemy. But chance puts a really vital secret into her hands, leading to a chase involving Bridie, a British officer who's fallen for her, a German agent unknown to them both, and the police...paralleled by Bridie's own internal conflicts.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:112 minutes
  • Release:1946
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dance,   dancer,   escape,  

A young Irish woman hates England so much she becomes a Nazi spy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luke G (gb) wrote: I have been waiting for this film for nearly 13 years. It was everything I could have ever dreamed.

Louy L (br) wrote: Vibrante ovation a l'enfance, avec son humour et son imagination. Innocence et naivete, les themes qui sous tendent une intrigue assise sur la structure familiale quebecoise. Un film tres rafraichissant dans lequel il fait bon s'abandonner aux legeretes de notre jeune age. Les souvenirs de Trogi qui m'ont fait rever comme si c'etait les miens.

Deadly V (us) wrote: A re-heated meal that is surprisingly enjoyable.

House M (ru) wrote: This biopic of 20th century greatest Go master, reveals the intensity of life achievement through art in Japan. This film is clearly under rated. Nonetheless I do believe that explaining the deep influence of Wu Qingyuan in modernizing Go strategy would have been a big plus. Not a must see unless you play and like Go (as I do).

Jason S (ca) wrote: i thought it was an ok mark wahlberg movie not the best however

Matt M (us) wrote: An adrenaline filled Irish working class crime comedy drama about a series of coincidence that bring together the lives of of a small group of people living in Dublin. The film brings together laugh out loud comedy and ordinary everyday tragedy with violence and crude 'in your face' imagery in a style that is quite a trend setter for a new and an emerging Irish cinema.

Jonathan S (au) wrote: Thank God E.T. didn't live to see this travesty...oh, yeah Spielberg totally killed off E.T. in the "special edition" re-release, but that's a different movie.

Griffin W (nl) wrote: Good chemistry between Crystal and De Niro makes fun laughs and touching scenes. Analyze This is "Money Well Spent"

Derek K (br) wrote: "20 Dates" is an interesting and unique 'documentary' that finds a wanna-be filmmaker finally getting his shot in the form of a satirical and often ludicrous commentary on the ups and downs of dating in Los Angeles. While there are periodic and oh so brief moments of revelation expressed by the frustrated Myles in his quest to find true love, the bulk of this film is meaningless dribble with a few funny situations created to get some needed laughs.


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Thomas C (ca) wrote: This movie made me angry. For how poorly you could waste your time. Better watch an awful B-Movie, that at least could make you laugh than this abortion. Blame on Lewis Teague, and possibly on Stephen King for that ghastly "story".

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