I segreti di Abu Omar

I segreti di Abu Omar


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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:2007
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I segreti di Abu Omar torrent reviews

Richard G (br) wrote: Powerful, contemplative, beautiful documentary. A look at how Chileans search not only outward through the distant past to the vastness of the cosmos in order to advance human understanding the Universe, but also at home, for the lost victims of a deadly military dictatorship from only a few decades ago. A real eye opener, with two very contrasting sides to it.

John W (nl) wrote: An awful, but plausible story, with an unexpected twist towards the end. Unnerving and relentlessly claustrophobic, it's not a typical apocalyptic horror story. And it's especially effective in the way it's told. Usually, as viewers, we're party to information that characters don't have and can see all the way around the story. That is not the case here, we learn (or don't learn) at the same time as Brad and Lexi do, which definitely adds to the films overall feeling of hopelessness and impotence and adds a subtle commentary of frustration and distrust over those in authority and blind obedience.

Vanda K (fr) wrote: I am still quite unsettled by this movie. It's moody and harrowing but drags you in immediately. Great soundtrack!

Terri H (ca) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Melissa S (ru) wrote: I keep trying to get past the beginning but its slow starting....

Bloodmarsh K (it) wrote: Any movie soundtrack that consists of Dion DiMucci/Bobby Darin/Eddie Cochran, has to be good. It's like looking into my music collection.

Neil O (de) wrote: There's a great cast leading this preposterous science-fiction story backed up by excellent great special effects work by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson Ian Hendry and Patrick Wymark stand out.

Brett B (ag) wrote: How has this flick fallen through the cracks? As a big fan of this genre, I found it to be an absolute blast, a delightful romp from beginning to end. Caine and MacLaine are perfectly cast, Lom is always a welcome presence, and the story is unique (to say the very least). At all costs, do not allow the plot to be spoiled for you. If classy heist/caper flicks interest you, this is highly recommended.

Ana Maria R (br) wrote: "Cinderella" (Aschenputtel), German-French-Spanish co-producition movie, produced by Omnia Film & Eurokim, directed by Karin Brandauer and starring Petra Vigna, Krista Stadler, Roswitha Schreiner and Stephan Meyer-Kohlhoff.The movie is based on the classic fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm.CASTCinderella: PETRA VIGNAStepmother: KRISTA STADLEROlder Stepsister: ROSWITHA SCHREINERYounger Stepsister: CLAUDIA KNICHELPrince Charming: STEPHAN MEYER-KOHLHOFF 1989 (C) OMNIA Film & Toro Film, in association with ZDF and TVE. All rights reserved.

Augustine H (fr) wrote: The ultimate film-noir of all time. Can you imagine even the toughest Robert Mitchum has to fall prey to the same femme fatale over and over again?

Kat C (au) wrote: Hilarious. One of my favourite films of all time, gotta LOVE Jason Segel x