I stormens öga

I stormens öga


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Jesse L (de) wrote: A certain level of charm can't redeem a comedy that shifts into a political thriller halfway through in a failed attempt to say something meaningful.

Alec S (ru) wrote: Why is this called "a gay movie?" Did I miss something????????

Arlene S (jp) wrote: That was....different.

Yuterick B (nl) wrote: Great and subtle movie + music!!!

Yannette M (fr) wrote: Excelente muestra realmente lo sucedido durante la dictadura en Argentina, Tengamos cuidado con lo grupos al margen de la ley ya que x ellos no tenemos libertad de expresion y decision.

Sandra K (fr) wrote: Sont beaux, la musique et l`histoire!

Private U (au) wrote: The last of the big-time Hollywood musical (before their renaissance in the late 90's), this delightfully charming film has a very warm place in my heart. Barbra is in top form as Daisy Gamble, a clumsy and unsure young woman with extraordinary ESP abilities. As Daisy undergoes hypnotherapy to cure herself of smoking, she ends up blossoming into her full self, reconciling the events of her past lives to be "born again" emotionally as a new, stronger person. The score, conducted by Nelson Riddle, is top notch with grand and sweeping melodies. Streisand's songs are very strong and the new material added for the film really gives the story more depth, while weaker pieces from the stage play were removed. The work is not without its faults however. In fact, it is often referred to as Vincent Minelli's butchered masterpiece, as the original film was much longer and contained more musical numbers and in depth character development scenes. The version released to the public was butchered down by Warner Brothers prior to release because they felt it was too long. The result is loose ends that don't get resolved properly, confusing action sequences, and a very short vocal soundtrack. Among the deleted numbers and scenes were "Wait Till We're 65", Yves Montag's version of the original "She Wasn't You", a guitar and vocal performance by jack Nicholson, and extended scenes from daisy's past life flashbacks. Interesting to note, is that "She Wasn't You" was originally from the play, but extended for the film to include a female response from Melinda. In the final cut, it is Melinda's half "He Isn't You" that remained. If you watch the footage closely, Yves is about to sing when the camera cuts to Melinda who then begins her half of the ballad. Unfortunately, the lost recordings and footage from his original cut of the film have still not been recovered and may never surface. All that remains of them to date are some bootlegged recordings and promotional still photography. Which is a pity, as this is truly a brilliant work which deserves to be seen in the way in which is was intended. All-in-all I highly recommend this movie. It will definitely leave you singing along and feeling rather groovy in the end.

Ray J (nl) wrote: An okay flick. His music was far superior to his acting ability. Love his music though.

Lax A (es) wrote: Everyone, Please Don't watch this film.