I Superbiker 2 - The Showdown

I Superbiker 2 - The Showdown


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I Superbiker 2 - The Showdown torrent reviews

Joshua L (gb) wrote: a decent art house fim

Zack F (mx) wrote: Miranda July puts a good bit of whimsical humor into her script, but risks getting a little too cutesy with gimmicks like the talking kitten paws. As an actress she speaks with a lot of unique charm, but her face doesn(TM)t show the expressions to make you fall for it. Overall, the combination of straightforward humor with a darker artsy examination of existence makes The Future an entertaining and unique film.

Al M (fr) wrote: Essentially an artful, intelligent version of Jeepers Creepers, Rites of Spring opens like I Saw the Devil and ends like any derivative slasher film. Rites of Spring has serious potential, but it just never really manages to deliver on the creepiness or the suspense in a way that equals its aspirations.

Hus R (us) wrote: i want that junoon t-shirt.

Galuh T (nl) wrote: another fab performance given by Bale. i love how the allure goes so soft and so emotional, and it's realistic. lots of people still think that what if situations happen in the past, did we make the right decisions or not. and i love the chemistry between marion&chris,that's pure love&devotion, whereas annick is just another delight&pure lust.

Alex M (es) wrote: This movie works not only because of Harold Lloyd but because of the entire cast. Each character had an important part to the film and because of the cast, this movie prospers. It's not the best silent comedy but it is still enjoyable

Gabriel A (de) wrote: The best movie on the Vietnam War, thats not on dvd.

Tom B (jp) wrote: Crime does not pay. Is that the universal premise? Maybe. Goes back, stands the test of time. Of course with the movies it took a whole new turn. This one stands, solid, lean, muscular at times, with the granite-faced Charles McGraw gruffing his way through taut line-deliveries, chasing down the baddies. Easy to see Reservoir Dogs, LA Confidential, Heat, and any number of other modern efforts at duplicating the basic outline of an LA cops-and-robbers story, not to mention Cruel Gun Story with Joe Shisheido. Of course heist movies were always a staple, it's just this one's a familiar evolution. And nothing really sets this meat-and-potatoes effort very far high up or apart from the others, except overall it's a tight package, delivers a coupla twists and turns, got a neat dame dancin' a burley-cue, a slimey bad guy, and our old friend Gene Evans pre-Sgt. Zack without the beard playing one of the robbers. Hard to argue this nice little sedan of a noir, quick and to the point, inky lean shadows and old friends. What more couldja ask?

Robin E (br) wrote: A great comedy showcasing Deanna Durbin.

James B (ca) wrote: Good but was missing something that can't quite explain.