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I taket lyser stjärnorna

Young adolescent girl Jenna's mother is dying, while at the same time Jenna is turning form a young girl into a young woman. So it is difficult for her to admit that she is afraid to lose ...

Young adolescent girl Jenna's mother is dying, while at the same time Jenna is turning form a young girl into a young woman. So it is difficult for her to admit that she is afraid to loose ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Oliver H (ru) wrote: ...vacker film, men lite lngsam ibland med stor tyngd p vrkande samvete och olsta konflikter. Tip-top!

Warren H (gb) wrote: Unfortunately I cannot give this a NEGATIVE rating. I expected this to be good as it was directed by the same director who made Hardcore Logo, sadly not true. This movie was more about the band performing and had absolutely no story-line/plot. My only dream is to one day regain the time wasted watching this garbage.

Lee M (es) wrote: Though the film follows a familiar trajectory, the film offers a sometimes moving exploration of the conflicts between identity, desire, cultural expectations, and family ties. It's hokey at times - but it also knows how to move you on a personal level.

Jennifer B (mx) wrote: Complete idiotic, repetitive, religious trash. Gave it a star because it at least made me want to know "what happened". I want this 90 minutes of my life back. After 10, I was like HAHA JK this is an hour and a half of this guy wandering empty London! Because seriously, it went on FOREVER. Avoid!

Cheryl L (kr) wrote: Quite boring. Didn't feel as though there was really much storyline to the movie. Some of the characters became annoying after a while.

Melvin W (us) wrote: Hanky: Smoke, drink... don't think!To call Remember the Daze a Dazed and Confused ripoff would be an understatement to be sure. However it is one of those few ripoffs that still stands alone. To a degree this film is what it wanted to be. It's a movie that sums up the last day of school and shows the fear in moving on. The only thing keeping this film from reaching the greatness of Dazed and Confused is the characters. The characters in this just aren't as good as those in Dazed and Confused, and characters make these types of movies.Remember the Daze follows many students and their exploits on the last day of school in 1999. There's a pep-rally, drugs, parties, sex, fights, secrets, and betrayal. Overall the film has a nice and steady pace to it. Just like Dazed and Confused, there's an enormous amount of characters and many different situations going on at one time.I'm having trouble really deciding whether I liked the movie or not. It's entertaining and it has its moments where the comedy works, but I just can't get past the fact that this is pretty much just a remake of one of my favorite movies ever. I guess I'm squarely in the middle on this one. I wouldn't say I like it, but I also would never say I disliked it either.Remember the Daze is worth a look for all those who loved Dazed and Confused and want to see a slightly different movie, with slightly different situations and slightly different characters, saying slightly different stuff. It isn't going to blow you away, but I highly doubt it will have you regretting the time you put into it either.

jessia s (ag) wrote: when do i see the movie at

Rudy A (ru) wrote: what a poetric movie..

Rosemary K (br) wrote: I enjoy this sweet tale of college buddies who meet a homeless man that teaches them a great "lesson" in humanity.Joe Pesci plays homeless Simon, and he has a problem getting along with his family.Monty,Everett,Courtney and Jeff (B.Fraser, P.Dempsey, M.Kelly and J.Hamilton, respectively) learn more about Life through this person who they grow close to and try to understand.Monte has a thesis paper that will determine his grades. He wants to write about this lost,forgotten soul whom his roommates and him admire and help.

Al H (it) wrote: A funny tribute to Alfred Hitchcock.

Stephen T (ru) wrote: Real news clips integrated with famous actors speaking three languages showing how disorganized the French were in attempting to regain control of their own capital city. Gert Frobe plays a conflicted German General trying to do his duty while knowing how impossible his orders remain.

Red L (jp) wrote: Fun to see the Duke as a detective instead of a cowboy. But I found the script pretty bland.

Darrin C (jp) wrote: I expected a little better since Eddie Murphy was in it, but this still isn't a bad film. It kind of reminded me of some old school Murphy and Stiller flicks which is a good thing! Casey Afleck is good in here, too.