I've Got Something to Tell You

I've Got Something to Tell You

Javi and Pablo have something to tell to each other, how will they do it?

Javi and Pablo have something to tell to each other, how will they do it? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Connor M (us) wrote: Full of the finest effects in the galaxy, humor, and even heart, Marvel hits another home run.

Giovanna B (es) wrote: No es mala, pero tampoco es genial. Lo que la salva es la msica, que me pareci estupenda y las actuaciones de Travolta y De Niro.

Kevin J (br) wrote: I can't really feel bad for a woman who lost her husband and son while she was sleeping with another man.

Adi R (it) wrote: superstar RAJNI!!!!!!!!roxxxxxxx

Koh M (ag) wrote: a japanese man stranded in the mystical landscape of iceland on a mission to conduct the final tribute for his late parents. a weird but entertaining road movie.

Philip Z (nl) wrote: This was extremely disappointing. Look at the credits: the director of Ghostbusters teams up with the writers of Top Gun and Dick Tracy and stars Robert Redford, Daryl Hannah and Debrah Winger. All of this seemed like a must see movie to me but the reality is that it isn't even good enough for a rental. What a waste of talent!

Alex M (it) wrote: The creepiness was there but it doesn't do much with what it has, so I see this as wasted potential. You never see the scarecrow lurking around or doing any of the killings so for me, personally, that made the movie less scary. It could've easily been ANYONE wandering around in the dark, and for the few deaths in the movie, they're completely based around farm 'accidents', and not murders or killings exacted by the scarecrow personally. (Or at least it looked like that) The one acting standout is Charles Durning who turns in a very chilling performance as a false accuser and manipulative liar. It was very easy to hate him at the end, and his death was very satisfying for viewers, as it should've been. All it has going for it is a chilling origin story, Charles Durning and a few creepy atmospheric scenes, and that's it.

Michael T (it) wrote: Herzog's 'Stroszek' is a bizarre, unorthodox and eccentric picture, and that means it is fascinating, refreshing and utterly brilliant.

Carlos M (au) wrote: Fassbinder directs this period piece with an impressive technical sophistication, something evident in the exquisite mise-en-scne and cinematography. And he finds in Fontane's criticism of society a perfect material to be adapted by him, although the result is a bit too long.

Sean F (es) wrote: I hear it is set in space. I love the book and the original but if this is set in space, it's almost a guaranteed failure.

Rebecca L (ag) wrote: Great story about the Coast Guard rescue

Anna H (ru) wrote: good if yr in the mood for thirtysomethings fuckin' up relationships. it's kinda comforting