I Walk Alone

I Walk Alone

Frankie Madison returns to New York after 14 years in prison. Noll Turner, Frankie's former partner in bootlegging, is now a wealthy nightclub manager, and Frankie is expecting him to honor a verbal '50:50' agreement they made when he was caught and Noll got away. Fat chance! Can Frankie, who knows only the strong-arm methods of Prohibition, win out against Big Business? It'll be tough...even with the unlikely alliance of torch singer Kay (Noll's ex-girlfriend).

Frankie Madison leaves prison expecting a share from his ex-partner. But Prohibition bootlegging didn't prepare Frankie for Big Business. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bhanu C (ca) wrote: Jayant lacks the pace of the movie..but after 1st half the movie goes well where the movie stands as hit in the industry.

Jessica H (au) wrote: This is like a bad joke that tries to copy the idea of the first film without any real growth.

Marat P (ag) wrote: Profound and nuanced artwork about love and relationships. The truth of the characters makes the world of this film absorbing and even magical. Art cinema at it best.

Simone S (jp) wrote: OMG!!! This wasn't just bad, this was terrible. You couldn't pay me or bribe me to watch this crap again. I am sooo dissapointed! I had heard good things actually, but my goodness what a horrible waste of time. Takes an hour for any kinda action/gore to take place and then it's so dang fake that my kids could've done better with some Ketchup. People rag on Romero, but at least with hsi movies you get what you paid for, gore right from the start. WTF was I thinking? Don't waste your tiem with this piece of crap.

Joseph H (ca) wrote: good movie,and book.

Milla V (ag) wrote: Osui ja upposi. Tama on sita mita minulla oli ja mita minulla ei ollut. Alan lisksi pikkuhiljaa hyvaksya Julia Robertsin.

Natalie M (us) wrote: A decent film about the scandals behind the wonderful writer Oscar Wilde. It didn't really incorporate (to its detriment) the humor and wit that is so familiar in Wilde's work.

Muffin M (ca) wrote: When top L.A. detective Joe Bomowski (Sylvester Stallone) gets a rare visit from his feisty mom, Tutti (Estelle Getty), his life is turned upside down. In no time, she is rearranging Joe's bachelor pad and meddling in his affairs, much to his embarrassment and the delight of his girlfriend, Gwen (JoBeth Williams). To add to Joe's problems, Tutti witnesses a murder and becomes his unlikely partner when she refuses to divulge information unless she's allowed in on the investigation. Just when Joe is ready to kill himself, Tutti helps bring down the bad guys, proving Mother-knows-best.also stars Roger Rees, Martin Ferrero, Gailard Sartain, Dennis Burkley, J. Kenneth Campbell and Al Fann.directed by Roger Spottiswoode.

Paul D (it) wrote: Excellent fetish black comedy with consistent laughs and quirky characters and the odd bit of more serious storyline thrown in.

bill s (ca) wrote: Tale of two movies...first half descent ghost story while second half snooooozefest.

Adam R (ca) wrote: An enchanting movie that takes you to all sorts of magical places. I love the pairing of Angela Lansbury and David Tomlinson in this musical fantasy. The songs by the Sherman Brothers are fun and memorable as per usual. It's a wonderful family film. (First full viewing - 1/2/2009)

Alexandre A (es) wrote: The 3 Sergio's... Sollima, Corbucci, Leone. The latter was the artist. The pioneer. Sollima and Corbucci, were inspired artisans. And that's a good thing. They gave us a handful of fun films: Violent City, Companeros, The Big Gundown... Corbucci's Companeros owes a great deal to Leone's Dollar trilogy, but hell, who doesn't? The main difference here is that Corbucci's Companeros has Django as a swede arms trafficker, Milian as the Che character, and Palance as the Van Cleef. But I liked it. It worked. It was fun. It was one of the better Spaghetti Westerns, and deserves a shot at the top twenty of the genre. The men over at the Spaghetti Western Database blew my mind when they opened their vaults to me-- revealing over 200 titles of films I didn't even know existed. And a deal of them deserve to be repatriated into the consciousness of B-movie maniacs. Sartana, Shanghai Joe, Robert Hossein's Cemetary Without Crosses... There's a whole universe of films out there just waiting to be enjoyed. 30 some odd years after they were forgotten. Feels like trying on grandpas old hat. In other words, enjoy!

Brian A (ca) wrote: Very, very good movie! Too bad there is no pic for it, though...

James H (it) wrote: Skillfully crafted thriller, with a touch of mystery and horror. The cast is fine, particularly Mary Steenburgen. The plot is not fully convincing, but the film has a good pace and never loses the viewers interest.

Christophe C (it) wrote: Western moderne ralis par un clippeur qui se se prend pour Robert Rodriguez... Passable mais encore une fois Adkins est sous exploit...

Eva Katalin G (es) wrote: My favourite film , all time !!