I Was a Teenage Frankenstein

I Was a Teenage Frankenstein

Professor Frankenstein (Whit Bissell) creates a teenager from an accident victim, who gets angry when he learns he is going to be taken apart.

Professor Frankenstein, a university lecturer with an alligator pit under his house, steals body parts of dead athletes from the wreckage of a crashed airplane. He builds a hunky male ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chase M (es) wrote: An interesting viewpoint from the prosecutor on one of the most infamous trials in American history.

Jordan B (mx) wrote: Great if you're a fan of the campy 50's look. Other than that generic but cute.

Daniel B (it) wrote: Boring, unfunny, just plain terrible

Mr A (kr) wrote: You need to be real nerdy to watch this. Its about a cult, slightly ironising it but mostly blatantly inside the phenomenon. As I happen to have an interest in computing history, I did watch this, and enjoyed too. To some reasonable extent.

Mo A (jp) wrote: An interesting true story but it kind of lacked the excitement for a crime story and it's a rather sleepy crime drama as someone has already mentioned earlier.

Diane G (nl) wrote: Love it -- they had so much great footage, as I especially enjoyed the interviews with the swingers (once young/now elderly).

A S (gb) wrote: A made for tv movie script, sound editing & cinematography that is bound to bore you to tears. Every minute of this debacle seems like an eternity. Bad acting and storyline don't make it any better. Spare yourself!!!

Everardo C (gb) wrote: Graciosa y con una historia entretenida buena para tarde de palomitas

Caroline C (ru) wrote: I liked it....kinda artsy, but I bought it. A bit long, but worth it for the end.

Nicholai Volkov Napalm Silly Putty (ru) wrote: Do you know th cow Jan? He is aninsolent bastard

Ed A (de) wrote: Boys looked good in this one :)

Campbell P (gb) wrote: While I was watching See No Evil, Hear No Evil I was laughing super hard at the beginning but was left wishing the end was like that. David Lyons is a deaf man who can read lips and Wally Karew is a blind man who has excellent hearing. This was a great setup for a movie and it was a great movie at the beginning! Then it kinda went down from there... The action lead to funny situations but didn't give off big laughs. I really liked every character especially Richard Pryor who was the funnier half in my opinion. The scene when the lady is trying to take the mugshot of David is the best scene. It delivers a ton of what the movie is about. I was disappointed by the way the movie ended but I loved the first 3/4. B-

Kris C (fr) wrote: Matsu is perhaps the only woman in cinema to make Coffy look like a sissy. Second part in the female prisoner 701: scorpion series. From 1972 not 2000, get it right flixster.

Scott R (gb) wrote: Great drama by Steiger. He truly captured the inner existential turmoil that holocaust survivors went through as a pawnbroker in Harlem.

Logan T (nl) wrote: Despite some good ideas,Boxtrolls falls short from some bland storytelling.

Ilsa L (es) wrote: Terrific noir with commanding performances especially the 2 leads: Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney and very skilfully directed by Preminger. Highly recommended!