I Zombie: The Chronicles of Pain

I Zombie: The Chronicles of Pain

A young man gets infected and gradually starts turning into a zombie.

A young man gets infected and gradually starts turning into a zombie. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Horror Movie H (jp) wrote: It is proven that when you look up words suck as "Pathetic" "Rubbish" "scareless" "dumb" and ever other negative word possible the title "Episode 50" should appear. Have I ever seen a horror film as bad as this? No. I could literally say this is one of the worst horror films in history, and I have seen Jason X. Its tedious, its terribly acted, its completely scareless, Its almost undescribable how bad this film actually is. Let's just all pray for the viewers and any living thing on this earth that there will NOT be an Episode 51!

Cynthia S (au) wrote: Considering that this movie had the two biggest B-movie kings (Michael Madsen, and William Forsythe), should have been my first clue that is was going to be just so-so. ...and it was.

Katrina C (us) wrote: The original Ballet caused riots in 1912. Why tamper with something so good?

Tim M (it) wrote: Director of Undisputed 3 is paired with Adkins and succeeds.

Danny W (br) wrote: Schizophrenic man? Delusional? Paranoid? Hints at pedophilia. Ambiguous ending. Illustrates myth of dangerousness (but he abuses alcohol and coke so perhaps not a myth?)

Gary B (ru) wrote: Spanish gay coming of age story where my youth was played out before my eyes. Fluffy, fun and sentimental!

Tyler A (nl) wrote: I recommend this to kids 12+

Syed M (gb) wrote: srk is a badass- just an enjoyable and cool film.

Jason M (gb) wrote: Another in a long line of Michael Douglas-as-victim movies. Overhyped, overrated, not particularly sexy.

Princess Sarah (de) wrote: hahaha... this is an all time fave of mine! I wore out the VHS tape many moons ago when I was a kid! I actually found it & its entirety on YouTube! lol

Kjetil H (gb) wrote: For en drittfilm,sentimental kokos fra her til helvete!!! Og det fra mannen som ga oss Apokalypse now, er det mulig!!! En skikkelig stinker!! Men republikarene og folk som er helt ute i valiums taaken finner nok noe her kanskje!!!

Insomniac Z (de) wrote: One mean forgotten 80's flick. "Jaws-as-a-giant-pig" Aussie thriller. With bad editing and a pretty harsh tone. Before the opening credits are over the behemoth boar kills a baby, than makes sure to kill a pregnant woman and crippled old man, before the clunky end. Fans of 80's trash, check it out. Everyone else...uh... move on.

Andy F (us) wrote: Encapsulates everything Woody Allen had built to at that point in his film career. Extremely funny, utterly engaging, at times moving and beautifully cinematographic. A masterpiece.

Hobie P (it) wrote: The original scarecrow slasher! Very high level in the slasher genre!

Michael W (br) wrote: Just a solid old movie. The 1970 disaster/heist genre has a former subway employee and mercenaries take a subway train hostage. Pelham's slow burn build up creates an uneasy tension for the viewer. The plot twists and turns makes the viewer uneasy of what will happen next. The cast of Walter Matthau, Robert Shaw, and Hector Elizondo create memorable dialog and believable scenes. The ending is strong and leaves an impression! Dated, but much better than the remake. Four stars.

Loreno B (kr) wrote: Negli ultimi anni degli anni '50 gli scrittori inglesi scoprirono i sogni stropicciati dei giovani operai delle industrie di periferia e cominciarono, prima in teatro, poi davanti alla macchina da presa, a metterli in scena. In una Notthingam grigia come sanno esserlo solo i mattoncini intrisi di fumo si muove rumorosamente Jimmy, deciso a non ripercorrere la vita dei suoi genitori. Perci dopo ogni faticosa settimana lavorativa si va a scolare il suo stipendio in pinte di doppio malto accompagnato dalla sua amante Brenda. Il sabato sera rappresenta la fine del lavoro, il momento di svago sognato mentre si fatica per pochi scellini; ma dura lo spazio di una sbronza poi si ripiomba nella codificazione della domenica, il ritorno alla normalit: la giovinezza del sabato sera costretta a sfociare nella maturit della domenica. Cos Jimmy lascia Brenda, troppo problematica, per accasarsi con Dooren, semplice e ordinaria. Film splendido incentrato su un personaggio incredibilmente vero e allo stesso tempo quasi artificiale, interpretato da Albert Finney alla sua prima grande prova attoriale, che diventer lo stereotipo del giovane ribelle contro la societ sempre e comunque: un Alex Delarge senza bombetta e pi brillantina.

Michael B (fr) wrote: Hokey b-movie/direct to video/tv movie. Special effects are hokey. Only redeming quality are the characters.