Ice Angel

Ice Angel

The film tells the story of Matt, a male hockey player who dies in a game and comes back to life as Sara Bryan, a female figure skater due to an accident made by an angel that caused the hockey player to die. Both share the dream of competing in the Winter Olympics. The male hockey player specified that if he returned to earth, he wanted to have a chance to win an Olympic Gold medal on ice leaving the detail that he wanted to be on the hockey team implied. With time running short Matt has to get skating lessons from Sara's one-time rival if he wishes to earn gold.

A popular hockey player and an ice skater die on the same day. The soul of the skater goes to heaven but the hockey player is reborn in the body of the ice skater. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ice Angel torrent reviews

Anci A (fr) wrote: Ja, en typisk ungdomsfilm. Lite gullig, lite typiskt svensk. Inget nytt men, jag tog mig igenom hela..

Richard L (it) wrote: Am average b movie is actually really let down mostly by really bad cgi!!Some of script is bad this is by no means worse film I've ever seen but at least it could of had done the cgi right!

Ryan C (gb) wrote: it was a documentary so i wasnt that into it

Sam S (ag) wrote: Good movie but some parts bugged me but I still like it very much.

Stephen J (de) wrote: i saw this on tv recently and it made no sense at all. were the translators playing chinese whispers that day?

jay n (br) wrote: Unsurprisingly soapy foolishness crams too much into its extended running time. Diana Rigg is great but Melissa Gilbert, the personification of American apple cheeked spunk and sturdiness, is woefully miscast as a Russian noble and ballerina. She is not believable for an instant.

Jaime R (mx) wrote: One of the all-time greatest concert films.

Emma K (br) wrote: A staple part of the x-mas televisual schedule for many years as a child it holds much nostalgic favouritism....I'd imagine it looks rather dated today but I'm sure it would still not fail to entertain

Linda N (nl) wrote: Staring Ruth Gordon & Geraldine Page, very interesting for it's time. Great , but very hard to find a copy of. I saw this 1st when I was 16. That's when I began loving Geraldine Page, & Ruth Gordon!

John Joseph M (kr) wrote: It's not without it's moments

Mihola T (jp) wrote: Stylish, twisted, silly and entertaining