Complete strangers stranded at a remote desert motel during a raging storm soon find themselves the target of a deranged murderer. As their numbers thin out, the travelers begin to turn on each other, as each tries to figure out who the killer is.

Malcolm Rivers has been convicted as the perpetrator of several murders and is sentenced to death. An eleventh hour defense by his lawyers and psychiatrist that Malcolm is insane based on new evidence has resulted in them meeting with the prosecutors and the judge to discuss if the verdict should be overturned. Meanwhile, on a dark night during a torrential rainstorm in the Nevada desert, a series of chain reaction events results in several people needing to stay at an out of the way motel managed by Larry. They are: ex-cop now limo driver Ed, and his client Caroline, a diva of a once famous actress; quiet adolescent Timmy, his stepfather George, and his mother Alice, who was seriously injured when Ed accidentally ran over her as she watched George change their flat tire; prostitute Paris, who was the unwitting cause of George's flat tire; newlyweds Lou and Ginny, whose marriage is based on a lie; and Police Officer Rhodes, who was en route escorting prisoner Robert to his new ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Identity torrent reviews

Shaun B (gb) wrote: A silly flick about random occurrences with some good actors coasting through 1 1/2 hours

Michael H (mx) wrote: Only sporadically laugh out loud funny, this is still Coogan's best American film to date, veering just on the right (wrong) side of offensive to be worth 90 minutes of your time

Raskull F (fr) wrote: It's so bad its funny.

Pradipta D (fr) wrote: Even though not as fascinating as other Ghibli's movies, this one has interesting and unique, still worth watching.

Marcin T (ru) wrote: For Me; the best modern weed comedy. It is great to watch over and over again. Lots of things to laugh. Amazing.

Vadim D (gb) wrote: A highly predictable, but very entertaining film. Perhaps it's my love for tennis that clouds my judgment, but the film is a lot of fun. Paul Bettany, James McAvoy, and a young "Jamie Lannister" are all great in here. Even Kirsten Dunst, who is often a hit or a miss for me, is quite likable. This is a type of a movie where you have to give in and enjoy the ride. Love means nothing in tennis! Love means zero!

Peter P (au) wrote: Clint Eastwood is normally cool, but make him a retired assassin that climbs mountains, and you just get even cooler. That is the Eiger Sanction in a nut shell, but it has a utter coolness to it, and Clint is in great form, so if you are a fan it is well worth the watch, plus it gets extra credit for the mountain climbing scenes, which must have been very hard to film, so that is good too..

Miguel A (ru) wrote: difcil no admirar a vontade quase punk que "Basket Case" demonstra ao atirar-se a um gnero exigente (o terror feito de criaturas deformadas), com uns poucos milhares de dlares na mo e uma equipa tcnica muito mais eficiente a fazer salpicar sangue do que nas animaes stop-motion. A verdade que "Basket Case" tem para contar uma fbula bizarra, que, mesmo sombra de todas as limitaes, sai dignificada por ter um princpio, um meio e um fim (quantos b-movies podem gabar-se do mesmo?). Assim at se perdoa todos os momentos em que o monstrinho de culto de Frank Henenlotter perde a graa e entra em modo puramente desleixado.