Idiot Box

Idiot Box

Mick and Kev – bored, unemployed and aimless in the western suburbs of Sydney – decide to rob a bank, more or less for the fun of it.

Looking for the fast track out of suburban hell, two natural born losers scheme an impossible heist. Mick is slack, cynical, and most of all, unemployed. He masterminds the plan while Kev, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Saku N (ca) wrote: I can't believe I got suckered in by the poster. This movie was so damn lame...magical cross guns and exploding holy water....Secret society of demon hunters....*sigh* I tried....

Rob R (ca) wrote: This is a very mainstream movie with an important message. No, it will not win an Oscar but regular teens don't watch movies that win Oscars, which is why this is a film is notable.

Charlie G (ag) wrote: Very slow start but ended with a bang. Great action scenes.

Erica J (de) wrote: Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like new rims lol. I hate to agree with an Evangelist, but the asshole has got a point here. I may like a good sale but I hate this christmas present craze. Mickey Mouse might be the antichrist. And Jesus wouldn't have bought anything - cause he was Jewish! I was particularly moved by the exorcism of the Walmart sign. all and all amusing.

Lurple J (ca) wrote: "That's it for you, poophole!"Please note that the line above is really in this film.These days picking on a direct-to-video Steven Seagal movie in a review is kind of like shooting fish in a barrel, but sometimes it has to be done. Mercenary for Justice isn't the worst of his movies but it's definitely not a good film. Seagal doesn't really show up until about 12 minutes into the film, and his first line really sounds like it was dubbed in by somebody else. After that he seems like he's at least present although it's hard to tell if he's interested.And the script. Seagal is a mercenary (for justice?) robbing banks, breaking into prisons, killing guards and bank security guys and whoever shows up, in order to get another mercenary a military burial. There's a lot more to it, but none of it really makes any sense.That's probably not going to stop some people from watching Mercenary for Justice, or even enjoying it if they're the right kind of viewer. No one is watching Seagal movies made in 2006 looking for sense. Or even good fights. I think we're mostly just looking for a bad movie. The biggest problem with Mercenary for Justice may be that it isn't bad enough.

Frances H (nl) wrote: Another "we're not crazy, because rich people are eccentric" movie. Not impressed.

Lance C (nl) wrote: I met the director at a film festival earlier this year and his interesting take on documentary filmmaking (which basically accounted to doing very little planning and letting everything unfold in front of him) made me want to see this movie. It's a bit obscure, so I had to wait until I got NetFlix to see it, but it was totally worth it.Genghis Blues is about a blind blues singer who picks up the art of polyharmonic throat singing and is invited to sing in a competition in Tuva, where he's immediately a sensation. Much of the film is spent following Paul Pena around the country, watching him (and those around him) experience a culture wholly unlike anything in America. It also deals with the disorientation of being a blind man in a place that he's totally unfamiliar with and the human connection he makes with everyone that he touches.Clearly, if you can't stand the admittedly bizarre Tuvan throat singing, you're probably not going to make it through this documentary. But, if you make an effort then you might gain a greater appreciation of this style of music, especially when it's mixed with a purely American artform like blues. It's actually really interesting, especially for people who dig documentary films like Gypsy Caravan.

Kyle M (ru) wrote: Kurt Russell is a really good actor, and he represents the rom-com's smart way on how karma works. He plays Dean, a widowed carpenter and a father of four young, wild sons. When Dean was called up for "an emergency" by a wealthy female snob Johanna Stayton to remodel her closet in her yacht while docked at Elk Cove, Oregon. Goldie Hawn plays the snob with a personality as her first impression you'll just hate right away. She refuse to pay Dean for his hard work and push him, and his precious tools, overboard when he told her off (much to the enjoyment of her staff - and us - who can hear through the thin walls from a few rooms away from the deck). You'll hate her and her snobby mother (Katherine Helmond with a similar energy from a different film), who's at her mansion I assumed.Johanna's karma comes when her fate was similar to Dean's: woman overboard without any realization of the happening. Being in the cold water so long somehow gave her amnesia with a messy look and same attitude towards the doctors and nurses as her servants with no respect towards them. Her husband Grant (played by Edward Herrmann) decided to not recognize her when finding out how she treat most people (I would've put the b-word in an adjective form to generally describe her - and what she represents - wealthy personality).Then Dean returned to the picture to take this opportunity to have his revenge for how he was treated and didn't get paid for his hard work. He went to her, and told her she's his wife Annie. The doctors weren't caring about whether he's her husband when they want her out, and she reluctantly left with him. It keeps getting better and better when she's now living in karma time, but that's until you see that she's being treated as a slave, stirring up some rare pathos that were set to appear.The only cure for the film was surprisingly the romantic spark. As "Annie" starting to get used to her new lifestyle in her new memory, both she and Dean actually started falling in love. Dean wanted to tell the truth since it felt wrong to use her for revenge, but his sons love her as their mother figure.So to sum it up: "Overboard" follow the free rules of comedy with a smart formation of karma with a familiar view. But when it was going too far enough to feel some sympathy, the cure to get the level back up is surprisingly the formulaic romantic spark creating the heart to last for the end.(Full review coming soon)

leni f (ru) wrote: it is best to be a cheerleader

Mike D (br) wrote: I loved this when I was a kid

Karsh D (us) wrote: An interesting biopic on the early life of Churchill.

Mario J (kr) wrote: Para ser una pelcula que se mira de bajo presupuesto esta bien realizada, la historia es bastante original y las actuacines no son malas. Sin embargo el final es muy malo, tan malo que termina arruinando toda la pelcula. 5/10

jay n (it) wrote: Weird atmospheric chiller, very dark for a '46 studio movie.

Dana C (nl) wrote: this movie have all the girls Want, drama accin and a really cute and creep tall nd white guy

London M (gb) wrote: I did`t understand that much about this movie to be honest. I would have liked for the plot to be a little bit more developed.I enjoyed some moments of the movie overall. But it needed much more work.

Kyle R (au) wrote: Mr Turner has great camera work and excellent acting. The film was a bit long and boring, but was certainly a respectful and honest look at J.M.W Turner.

Flvio M (it) wrote: I really enjoyed it. And the cast is beautiful.

Mandela W (nl) wrote: so Who's afraid of Virginia woolf is a highly charged maritial drama that actually really impressed me as I did not think I was going to like it. Also I must say who's afraid of Virginia woolf is quite the mysterious sayingThe movie looks at one of the more interesting relationships you'll see with a married couple. I have seen a lot of films about volatile relationships and so I can tell this is the OG film of that particular category. These two are like almost the definition of a love/hate marriage. Richard burton and Elizabeth taylor are electric together. they both have a serious emotional dependence on each other. It's most apparent with Martha while George uses verbal insults and sarcasm to hide his emotional dependence on her. the tension is sort of the driving force here as the clearly have went through more than their fair share in their marriage and have somewhat come across an unpleasant road during their partnership.Mike Nichols directing debut is phenomenal as he successfully brings to life this play and makes it into a highly charged intriguing picture. The biggest motif in this film are the unravelings the peeling back of layers by all the characters. love the scorethis ladies and gentlemen is a raw no holds barred picture. definitely worth checking out