If I Had Known I Was a Genius

If I Had Known I Was a Genius

A teenager with a high I.Q. who decides to become an actor. When his TV show gets cancelled, he is faced with a difficult career choice.

A teenager with a high I.Q. who decides to become an actor. When his TV show gets cancelled, he is faced with a difficult career choice. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicholas O (mx) wrote: omg, where can i find this movie?

Keira Momo F (nl) wrote: I liked it ,but I thought it was missing something.

Sean Michael S (ru) wrote: "Footnote" is a perfect blend of drama and natural comedy. Superb acting, cinematography, and screenplay, "Footnote" is compelling as well as entertaining. This film is cultural and insightful into the minds of religious scholars, so if this is a subject one is willing to explore, they will find "Footnote" fascinating.

Jess L (kr) wrote: The problem with this film is a weak script that goes nowhere. It takes one and a half hours for nothing to happen. You know the protagonist is going to fall out with her friends but it takes forever for it to happen. The idea of this group of 6 teenagers sleeping together and only hanging out with each other is a bit sickening but this can be overlooked by several arguments made by Tamblyn's character. On that point, Tamblyn is in my opinion a solid actress who is capable of producing some great performances. She would be the only reason to watch this film, and makes the most of the shonky script. There is no character development here, therefore the audience is left with nothing to grasp at to even remotely care about these people and what happens to them. With surface level characters and plot points this film skims over you as you watch it, and with an anti climactic and a little confusing ending, the audience may be left feeling a little disappointed, had they not already felt this way throughout the entire movie.

Sam U (ru) wrote: a movie sugesstion form jenny and i must say that i was very confused. like i was angry sad happy and a little turned on all throughout this movie. not sure how to take it. for sure though that i would never do this if i was in a relationship. its all messed up

Greg W (mx) wrote: good cast & story too

Addison P (it) wrote: Was a dumb and plain movie, is a worst case scenario. Always need to be prepared when going out into the desert.

Mark M (jp) wrote: The producers really lucked out with the kids they picked. By the way, can those three rich kids get any uglier?

Erik J (de) wrote: Fast paced forties fun complete with all sorts of chases and gunplay action!

David S (us) wrote: It's easy in this modern era to pick apart films made in the 1930s, but only if you are being annoying, vague, and showing your lack of knowledge. Edward G. Robinson gives his most memorable performance as Rico Bandello (Little Caesar), and helps cement the beginning of hard and steely gangster movies for all time...

Karen F (de) wrote: objectively this movie is pretty bleh, predictable and trite. I liked it, though. not to the point that I'd rewatch it, but it was a decent way to keep myself entertained while doing chores Ryan Reynolds is easy to watch, what can I say. I liked the father/daughter dynamic, too.