If I Were You

If I Were You

Three discontent men magically switch existences with one another, each with the person he most envied, but they do not turn out to be as happy as they had hoped.

Three discontent men magically switch existences with one another, each with the person he most envied, but they do not turn out to be as happy as they had hoped. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Judy S (jp) wrote: Excellent cast and performances. This movie tells of how we learn to live with a painful past rather than "get over" one.

Giorgos V (gb) wrote: Poli kali tainia (an kai thleoptikh) gia ta aisxh ton leykon stous indianous.

Michael D (fr) wrote: Terrible. Riddled with mildly more interesting subplots that are half developed and promptly forgotten. Main character horribly cast (looks like Bobby Moynihan's little cousin, except he can't act). None of the characters are likeable, especially the main one, who abandons his family out of sheer cowardice. Costume design ridiculous (ghillie suits? while sprinting?). Script reads like a highschool composition book with a shitty "hard-boiled" voiceover that sounds ridiculous when read by the pubescent fat-ass actor. It's based on a true-story, and I still didn't believe any of it in the slightest. All-in-all, as entertaining as watching bathwater evaporate.

Sarah B (es) wrote: Book was fabulous; movie was horrid. Director, actors, actresses completely clueless about Japanese mannerisms, culture, etc. which was a critical and integral part of the story. Arrogant, over-confident buffoons made this movie.

Tom R (de) wrote: The movie story line is good. But as usual it was a little bit complicated.

Eliabeth H (ru) wrote: Somebody was way too emotionally involved in this film to effectively take it from an idea to a well crafted finished product.

I Am Loved (fr) wrote: Yes he was a gansta...sexii one @that. I thought the movie was excellent and loved HIM& the movies is was in.

Jarna S (gb) wrote: I liked this a lot, seen it two times...

Michael P (mx) wrote: I saw this movie in late 80"s I believe. It was very, very instrumental to my situation. At the time my older brother had been preaching (he wasn't a preacher, though) about the main reasons drugs were being introduced to the Black community, however, despite this knowing and belief, my brother was also a user. After seeing this movie I began to understand what my brother had been preaching to me was indeed his and many Black Americans' nightmare. He was living this movie. Thank God, he never got as bad as Bobby Brown in the movie. "Panther" not only warns the Black Community, It is an eye opener for blacks, whites, browns and whoever will listen. This master- conjured- up- plan truly did back-fire. Excellent, directing, casting, etc. A must see.

Adriano B (ag) wrote: Tilda Swinton is a believable crossdress - but a not-so-believable male. Socially awkward in every sense, immortal and gender-crosser Orlando runs through centuries of England's History. Cryptic as it can be, you let it go, more than understand it fully: but it does so with gallantry and grace, and in the end, you pardon it.

Katie V (ru) wrote: Captures the essence of New York like only Woody Allen can.

Frank H (mx) wrote: A boring, lousy remake of an entertaining, lousy horror film. Like the original, it takes place in a decrepit Hollywood apartment complex, chock-a-block with disposable wanna-be starlets who all have a date with the claw side of a hammer. Other than that, it bears no resemblance to director Dennis Donnelly's 1978 version. Legend Tobe Hooper directs this time, continuing his career's downward trajectory (how low can it go?). Stupid "updates" like the addition of mystery and supernatural elements come off as comical, and instead of Cameron Mitchell's icky persona, we get a faceless, humanity-free rubber monster. Tobe Hooper sucks. There, I said it. Texas Chainsaw? Sure, it's great...however, that was thirty-seven years ago. What else? Funhouse (1981) is silly and...well, fun. And as far as Poltergeist (1982), you can't tell me that Steven Spielberg didn't direct ninety percent of that. This was directed by someone who was asleep at the wheel, or didn't give a shit, and was grimly collecting a paycheck.