Ik ook van jou

Ik ook van jou

While camping in France, Dutch friends Eric and Eddy fall in with two women. Eric talks to Silke, a Ugandan studying medicine in Holland. She tells him about her life and asks about the ...

While camping in France, Dutch friends Eric and Eddy fall in with two women. Eric talks to Silke, a Ugandan studying medicine in Holland. She tells him about her life and asks about the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jayasooryan K (br) wrote: Only watch if u got nothin else to do..

Chris G (nl) wrote: A movie that was much more interesting when it was about friend's larping than fighting evil. Which, almost doesn't make sense. The presence of a great cast (Zahn, Dinklage, Glau, AND DANNY PUDI) helped but couldn't fix the uneven and unneeded horror elements.

Al H (ru) wrote: A new classic of season.

Frank N (kr) wrote: Portrayal of the dynamics in a British family in the thirties during a wedding, but the characters are too flat to make you care for them.

Henrysmovieguide C (au) wrote: Mediocre at best. While it's OK, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL is still not very good movie making. Just teen fodder.

Scott A (au) wrote: For all those that claim Twilight was such a horrible 'horror' film, maybe they should see this first. Take Twilight, make it boring and minus vampires and you have this movie. I remember hearing somebody mention Blood & Chocolate, but the movie is really boring and I wasn't really paying attention to really what the title means!!!It's almost the same feeling I got out of the Underworld films to a degree, like the movie is dark and takes it's time. Same producers I guess.The changing into wolves, not werewolves mind you, is so cheesy. But half the time they are in human form flying around the roof tops. It all looks stupid.The story is lame. The only good thing is Bruckner, who is gorgeous as always, but even her performance is boring and monotone.It's all very inept.

JY S (mx) wrote: Dante Lam mixes humor and drama to put together Heat Team, and it manages to get by.At just under 100 minutes, things begin on the right foot. The opening sequence is wildly amusing, while also briefly introducing the two lead characters. The story then pushes forward with staggered humorous sequences meshed in with what is a Hong Kong crime thriller. Adversely, as the the film goes along, it slowly loses the swagger it had going for it early on.While showcasing its share of action pieces, there isn't anything out of the ordinary here. The fact, that some of them are laced with humor doesn't help that much. Of course, that doesn't mean they aren't entertaining.Aaron Kwok and Eason Chan's characters play off each other nicely. The lovely Yumiko Cheng and Victoria Wu provide some eye candy to compliment the two male leads.Heat Team works well to a point before it begins to get stale; however, in the end it is a watchable flick.

Nicolas S (mx) wrote: This movie is just stunning! The entire picture was absolutely breathless, it was very good directed and the scenes were just so spontaneous and silent! I loved it!! Thank you Gus Van Sant for making this film!

Konrad A (br) wrote: Shiloh is back but this time it's a different plot judge Trevor's once his dog back and Marty's family is telling Marty to stay away from Jud Travers because he is rude. Marty wonders if he can convince Judge Travers to being more sincere and more niceI like the first Shiloh better. But give this one a try see what you think of it can care both of the Shilo movies

Guillaume H (mx) wrote: Let them say what they will, its one of my favorite ever.

Peter M (ag) wrote: wicked album...worth the money

Derrick P (ru) wrote: I'm always a sucker for good time lapse and Fricke is the master. The film's theme isn't completely solid but with a 40 minute running time it doesn't even matter.

Greg H (mx) wrote: Charles Bronson never really got the credit for playing this role with such dimension. He goes from playing a devout pacifist to an armed vigilante after the brutal attack on his wife. Society's polarized response to his actions definitely make for a mixed message. Done with a haunting score by Herbie Hancock.

Stormy D (us) wrote: One of my all time favorite of the Disney live-action. Reminds me of my childhood and going to see a different Disney matinee every Sat afternoon at the old Fox Theater

Robert G (es) wrote: This is a movie about the French underground during WWII No question about it, the movie does not glamorize life in the French underground. One really gets a feel for what it must of been like to be in the French underground during WWII. The fear and the difficulty they faced in their role fighting the Germans. I highly recommend this one.

Marcus W (nl) wrote: Somewhat linear and very dated now, but the story of persistence and dedication - not to mention patriotism, still shines through

Jared B (es) wrote: Decently amusing, although Jeeves isn't as Jeeves-ish as he should've been. David Niven was pretty good as Bertie Wooster.

Mohammed A (kr) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Dean K (fr) wrote: At last!!! I have been trying to remember the name of this film and find it for ages! Known as Wings of the Apache in the UK. This is basically Top Gun with the Apache gunship helicopter...I didn't even realize at the time Nicholas Cage and Tommy Lee Jones were in this! Must have have been a long time ago when I saw it, but it has some great action scenes. Well worth checking out!