Kanji Watanabe is a middle-aged man who has worked in the same monotonous bureaucratic position for decades. Learning he has cancer, he starts to look for the meaning of his life.

A bureaucrat tries to find a meaning in his life after he discovers he has terminal cancer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ikiru torrent reviews

Jack P (de) wrote: A fun and inventive short that pays its respects to Disney's beginnings. Very entertaining.

Adam C (nl) wrote: A fantastically well written, well acted, well directed and well shot film. You barely notice its 2 hr length, as every minute is rich in drama and character. It's not an epic film by any stretch, but it's a significant one - bringing forth an engaging, touching, and at times poetic, story of a part of the World where life has complexities we understand little of. It may not quite match fellow notable Foreign Language Oscar nominees, City Of God, A Separation, or A Prophet; but it comes very close and has much in common with all three.

Nicholas G (fr) wrote: This movie was a mess with the plot all over the place and most of the time not making any sens. However I felt that Jim Carrey was good in his role and that's the only good thing about this movie.

Julio S (mx) wrote: It was alright...but I loved learning about the origins.

Joanne C (mx) wrote: I think Black Book is thoroughly entertaining. It was a thrill ride adventure.

Jason P (mx) wrote: I didn't realize this was a remake. But based on what I've read about the original, this is an improvement. I'll admit that my rating might be generous, but I've been watching a lot of bad horror movies lately, and this one is actually well put together. Interesting characters, interesting setting, great ending sequence. With a horror film, predictability is often a given. There are very few horror films that are truly original. A part of horror's appeal is predictability. So the mark of a good horror film is not always originality, but execution (haha). Toolbox Murders is executed expertly, and doesn't insult the viewer.

Kathie E (it) wrote: OMG what amazing scenery...when will I be back in Italy I wonder? Endearing film.

Brandon J (ag) wrote: Harry, Harry, Harry.

Anastasia B (us) wrote: Looks cute .. Might see it, might not.

Felipe I (au) wrote: Angustiante. Lumet e Steiger geniais.

Mae Sheilou C (ca) wrote: Gripping. Me in a parallel universe. LOL. As if. :3

Robert B (es) wrote: A Hell of a lot better than most of the stuff out there. It doesn't need to be time specific. All the actors are A+ and Lucy Liu is cute as a button.

Leroy B (it) wrote: I am going to be able to get a chance to watch the movie

Mike V (nl) wrote: This is an hilarious comedy. The basic premise of the movie is the family's vacation to visit Wally World (with an unexpected twist when they arrive) and all of the adventures that the family have along the way. There are so many funny one-liners and memorable scenes, led by Chevy Chase at his finest.