Il cielo in una stanza

Il cielo in una stanza

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:italy,   flashback,   1960s,  

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Il cielo in una stanza torrent reviews

Becs D (au) wrote: It's difficult to watch this without feeling some kind of judgement toward the violence aimed toward the women who worked for Iceberg Slim, however it is an unusual insight into a world that many of us know very little about and is interesting for that alone.

Scott J (fr) wrote: Coming from the director of Versus and The Midnight Meat Train, one would expect something...more. Instead, you get...much, much less.

Adriano B (ca) wrote: Plot intricicacies and serendipity make for an interesting, albeit obscure and weirdly paced, thriller. Tse's neurotic policeman VS Nick Cheung blind villain, disgusting but only a step away from being sympathetic (well... almost), work for an intriguing conflict, where Gao's distressing damsel is the weaker part. In the end, you may not love the flick, but respect it enough.

Rohan D (jp) wrote: So damn boring and monotonous that I almost died of boredom! Went to the theatre upon being forced but totally regretted it as it was a more immense torture than the ones the victims in "SAW" face :PA must AVOID unless you like high school musical,lol.

Simon D (ag) wrote: One of the worst Will Smith films I've seen. Has only one mildly amusing moment and the rest is a load of old cheese.

Maxwell S (jp) wrote: Honestly, I connect with Linklater a lot, but I don't let that get in the way of what I believe makes a well-constructed/great film. Nor (with this film) do I let the fact that I am obsessed with Sonic Youth get in the way of that anyway, so obviously I'm going to like this film, just going into it. But, this film is actually quite well-made, seeing that everything they do, and everything that they are, makes perfect sense. But, each character stands their own view of reality, even if it contradicts another. It's very dark, very humorous, and perfectly disturbed. In the last 10 minutes, when the sun came up, it all washed over me on how intense and painful that whole night was. Kind of like "A Clockwork Orange" when Alex falls out of the window in slow motion, it was that intense moment of realization, that only a truly great film can pull off. Linklater has the style that defined a lot of films that came out in the 90's, but he was beyond that, while expressing his love for his hometown, and making all the points that he needs to. This isn't a masterpiece, but an idiot sure could never do this. A great film, no more, no less. 7.5/10.

Alex r (fr) wrote: Sequel to Under Siege with Steven Seagal reprising his role as Casey Ryback moves the plot from a battleship to a train. With this second feature in the franchise, director Geoff Murphy wastes no time to jump right into the action. This film is pretty good for a Seagal vehicle and it should definitely appeal to action buffs. Like the first film, the strength of the film lies in a great villain. Acted by Eric Bogosian who plays a computer genius that highjack's a train and seeks to use a weapon's satellite for his own sinister means. His on-screen presence is wonderful and he provides Seagal with a great challenge in terms of a foe. If you're looking for a fun popcorn flick, then this is a must see film to watch. I enjoyed the sheer mindless fun of it all, and though not perfect, Under Siege 2 should appeal to fans of the first. There's nothing original here, but this is entertainment and it most definitely will thrill and suffice your action needs. While the first had Playboy Playmate Erika Elreniak as Seagal's sidekick, this one strips away the pitiful eye candy, and adds a bit more seriousness to the film's plot despite at times being a bit tongue in cheek. This is one of those rare sequels that is just as good as the original, and I find this one to be a bit underrated and it overcomes it flaws by being a fun, thrilling ride. This film isn't as bad as what everyone says, so if you're in the mood for mindless popcorn action, give this one a shot. At times cheesy, but with added menace, this is a very good sequel to the original Under Siege.

Jason E (mx) wrote: another time travel classic......excellent.

Andrey B (jp) wrote: Nicely done film with quite believable version of the future and of course the charisma of Arnold.

James W (au) wrote: This very pleasantly surprised me. Now Skrien doesn't have the gravitas and nutural authority of Statham but you get over it, and the amazing set pieces are in bountiful supply here as well as some great and innovative features get scenes. Maybe best to not compare it too much with the others as I can't imagine Stathams Frank Martin having his dad help him or being pushed to the side in favour of a female foursome who mainly drive the plot forward.

Ben D (kr) wrote: A somewhat bloated epic of Christopher Columbus, it nevertheless has some beautifully handled sequences, and Depardieu is better than he any right to be i this.