Il coraggio

Il coraggio

Aristide Paoloni salva dal Tevere dove si era gettato Gennaro Vaccariello. Il fatto gli torna comodo anche perchè le elezioni sono vicine. Ma il giorno dopo il salvataggio Gennaro si ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Walter M (it) wrote: "Dreams with Sharp Teeth" is an entertaining documentary about the life and work of Harlan Ellison, the prolific speculative fiction writer who has written more than 1700 stories, some in a store window to prove a point, that occasionally feel like a slap to the face.(There is even a warning at the beginning of an edition of his Deathbird Stories, not to read it all in one go.) The best way to get to know him is through these stories and essays, where he is remarkably open about his own life(including the dead gerbil) as he proves that the best revenge is to live well. The documentary does add more details I was unaware of and it is a treat to hear him read from his own works. However, I would have loved to have heard more on his politics and love of movies. Regrettably, since we live in an age when image is everything, Ellison is mostly known for his cantankerous personality.(Due to the vastly different ways they carry themselves, it is odd seeing him hang out with Neil Gaiman, despite their shared profession.) So, the guy's not going to win the Nobel Peace Prize, so what?(However, his wife Susan of 20 years probably has a decent shot at it...) In reality, he is continually fighting for writer's fees and other causes, where he is extremely litigious and is brutally honest.(For example, his advice to young writers is to "stop writing crap." Truer words never spoken.) And then there is the ambivalence towards his fans which can also be seen as impatience at their seeming unwillingness to engage his works on a certain level due maybe to laziness at only taking but not putting anything back in.(To read a darker essay along these same lines, check out "Xenogenesis.") This also explains his hatred of television which has never really been amenable to science fiction.

Ricardo A (it) wrote: Que buena, que linda pelicula, y que musica (sobre todo oigan 'Me llaman Calle', de Manu Chao.

Ariel R (ru) wrote: Way cheesy but I really liked it. Plus it was pre-psycho Lindsay.

Pete L (jp) wrote: Way better than I expected. Great actors. A great action/fairytale for the family. Fantastic low budget film.

Vuk V (gb) wrote: It may not be the very polished, but characters and great production design make this a fun watch.

Viraj A (ca) wrote: Gripping, heart-wrenching, and moving "Road To Perdition" is certainly a worthy addition to the crime drama echelon that gives us a poignant look at the relationship between fathers and sons.

Jason M (us) wrote: Wonderfully affecting movie, a real charmer.

Kato H (jp) wrote: it makes you think! Harvey keitel does a great job!

Alann G (fr) wrote: very good film makes u jump

David J (ag) wrote: similar to Vera Drake's moral maze concerning home grown abortion, this "true life story" is further complicated by the Nazis occupation of France, Prostitution, and Huppert's character Marie-Louis Girard making a long string of bewildering and ill advised choices. Interesting to a point...

Kate C (it) wrote: Excellent musical/comedy. Very enjoyable. Absolutely a must-see.

Aj V (au) wrote: I know that this movie is not usually regarded as one of the classic or best sci-fi movies of the 50s, even the early 50s, but I think it's highly underrated. Give it a chance and see what you think. The special effects are really very spectacular, especially when you read about how they made the movie. The story has been seen in other movies, of course, but this movie gives you a new look at the end of Earth. This is one of my favourite sci-fi movies.

cli o (nl) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

George K (fr) wrote: And Now For Something Completely Different shows Monty Python at their best, and sometimes at the worst. The film is comprised mostly of well-known sketches as well as a few that don't quite work or just aren't funny. There are a few changes and edits here and there but this is a great starting point for newcomers.

Alex W (de) wrote: This might be a cultural thing but this movie was going for a very tricky tone and it just doesn't quite nail it for me. There were a few laughs but i was mostly just confused. I like the idea but it wasn't introduced right.