Il dubbio

Il dubbio


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1921
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
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Il dubbio torrent reviews

Rodrigo G (jp) wrote: Interesante y bien hecha, curioso como hacen una hirtoria "epica" de un grupo de fans de futbol .....(plus: aun golpeando gente a diestra y siniestra, frodo sigue viendose vulnerable y fragil)

Deepak S (kr) wrote: A very different Bollywood movie.Great acting by everyone especially Bajpai.

Stephen C (jp) wrote: Not bad Thriller from Director John Frankenheimer ,the biggest problem being continuity and a story which turns a vital subject just a little bit stale.The film is meant to be set in 1978 around the time when the Red Brigades kidnapped Aldo Moro and waged war against the state ,the problem is the film is packed full of cars from the late 80s and early 90s so you easily forget the period its meant to be set in.The three lead actors all come off a touch bland and only John Pankow gives a powerful performance as a friend with dubious connections.Frankenhiemer does manage some good touches but by the time the action gathers pace you dont really care whats going on.I tried to enjoy it but when a political thriller lacks thrills and mudlles its politics you come away feeling more confused than when you started.

aaron w (mx) wrote: This...beat Goodfellas. Let that sink in

Fuy M (es) wrote: Loved the storyline, a modern day haunting and a descent from one world into the nether regions of another. I'd change a few things if I were writing/directing it, but it's worth watching, twice even.

Matthew S (it) wrote: Nicholas Ray's "western" is one of the most clever cinematic tricks in the history of film. It is almost unbelievable that he managed to create this Hollywood film in 1954 with no push back. What appears to be an odd and intentionally campy take on the Western genre is actually a highly artistic commentary on McCarthyism that was swallowing Hollywood. And while it is carefully veiled, this film is a rather bold examination of sexual politics, frustrations and repressions. Seen through the eyes of the later half of the 20th Century and now the 21st Century, the filmmaker's intentions are obvious. A number of the characters seem to be fighting against the forced oppression of their sexual desires and expressing it through the genre's violence. It seems clear that most of the cast -- particularly Movie Queen, Joan Crawford --- are not aware of the movie that they are actually in. The exception might have been Mercedes McCambridge who invests a great deal in her role. McCambridge plays "Emma" less like a woman hellbent on vengeance and more like a lover so rage filled at her attraction for Crawford's "Vienna" that she has no choice but to kill the object of her desire. The set design is also of import. Isn't there something oddly human-like about that cave wall in the back Vienna's saloon? Making this infamous movie all the more enjoyable is the fact that Nicholas Ray seems to want his film to reach the for comedy. Too bad no one was ever able to ask him. But his cinematic curiosity is packed with hidden meanings and amped up to provide a truly campy bit of fun. A must see.