Il Futuro

Il Futuro

When their parents die, Bianca starts to smoke and Tomas is still a virgin. The orphans explore the dangerous streets of adulthood until Bianca finds Maciste, a retired Mr. Universe, and enters his dark mansion in search of a future.

When their parents die, Bianca starts to smoke and Tomas is still a virgin. The orphans explore the dangerous streets of adulthood until Bianca finds Maciste, a retired Mr. Universe, and enters his dark mansion in search of a future. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anatoly S (nl) wrote: Aleksei Balabanov's final film is... not very good.

Julian T (kr) wrote: Believe it or not, this was still better than any of the terrible 'Paranormal Activity' films. That is not to say that this was good though. It is still a rip-off in every imaginable way, and it pretty much fails to deliver in any determinable capacity. It does manage to do a few things well however which salvage it from being an utter and total waste.As for its positives, it definitely creates a tone and a mood. It creates the feeling that something is about to jump out at you throughout the entire film, which did keep me paying attention. Unfortunately, this feeling of jumpiness goes largely unfulfilled. But for creating an uneasy feeling throughout, I have to give some props, as it is by far the most effective thing about the movie.As far as its flaws go, they are much more prevalent. A really terrible script is made all the more terrible by bad acting. Just really ridged and unnatural dialogue makes it exceedingly hard to take a mockumentary seriously. The fact that there are really only three characters with nothing to offset their sub-par performances make them even more noticeable. At least Erin Hogan is smoking hot, so thankfully her casting wasn't a total waste.The story overall is where the film is its weakest. Nothing happens. As I said, you are constantly thinking 'something is going to happen. Something is going to jump out of the dark at them', but nothing ever does. The fact that is is clearly and blatantly a rehashing of prior films is reinforced by its complete lack of originality or authenticity. Does seem to have an idea or two, but it is glanced over and never explored past the point of introduction. Even bad story and acting aside though, I can not forgive its abrupt and fulfilling ending. It seems like you might finally see what has been hinted at throughout the movie, but instead, it just cuts out all the explanatory and action stuff you might actually be interested in seeing and picks up again afterwards. I'm all for leaving things to your audiences imagination, but there's a fine line between that and just not having anything to show. This is clearly the latter, and it suffers from a lack of innovation throughout. When all is said and done, this is a below average movie that still manages to outperform the somehow critically acclaimed 'Paranormal Activity' from which it plagiarizes. A minimalistic and edgy feel with a couple of interesting ideas and scenes offset the questionable acting and painfully slow and anticlimactic plot at least to some small degree. Can't say I'd recommend much about it, but it's a step above totally terrible.

Dwight B (fr) wrote: Surprised I liked the film.

Jackalqueen (es) wrote: aka The Devil's Curse (USA)This UK horror is struggling to get out from under all the cliches and doesn't quite make it. It doesn't help that the story has been done to death in various guises either.A group of five students get kicked out of their accommodation and have to find somewhere to stay for the weekend. One of their friends tells them about an abandoned Catholic college building so they go there. Once inside, one of them realises that this is the building which was closed down after five students tried to summon a demon and four of them committed suicide and the fifth went mad. I could leave it there and you could still work out most of the film.This abandoned building conveniently still has electricity, hot and cold running water, no dampness and no smashed windows, yet strangely no squatters or homeless people have taken advantage of this. Mobile phones don't work in the building but laptops seem to be able to run forever on battery power. I'm sure the demon is to blame for all these weird occurrences.The acting isn't bad but the characters are quite cliched as well; hard working girl, male friend who likes her but can't tell her, party boy, odd girl that turns out to be a secret lesbian and the claustrophobic one that freaks out a lot. They weren't too annoying but they weren't people that you could particularly care about either. There is no gore and only a couple of jump scares which you know are coming but there are a few places where it manages to be a little bit creepy...and I didn't guess the twist so I suppose that must be worth something even if it didn't really add anything to the film. In fact, the weirdest thing about this film was seeing Stephen Gately (ex-Boyzone singer) as one of the original students. I'd recommend it if you can watch it without paying a lot for it because it's OK, just nothing very original at all.

Caesar M (de) wrote: While Fatal Contact may not be as good as other superior Martial Art movie in terms of choreography, it delivers on story for the most part. A opera performer, who's also a former Martial Art Champion, is lured to enter an underground tournament, competing against some of the top fighters of the world. The plot for the most part satisfy me, though I did feel at times some plot-lines are unnecessary. It really doesn't get any better as it goes on, but it works for the most part as I found the twist to be interesting and liked the ending. Though my main complain about the movie it that it doesn't with one last battle, now not all Martial Art movies are supposed to end with a final battle, but I still found it disappointing. The choreography is decent and enjoyable. Out of all of the action scenes in this movie only two really wow. There're filmed well and performed well, but considering the modern setting I was expecting the environment to be used in combat and it wasn't used much. Fatal Contact is an unusual Martial Art movie that doesn't exactly does one thing better over the other. For what it was I enjoyed it, though I still think it could have been better. While you can't go wrong with this movie, it's mostly a you like it or you don't opinion with this movie.

Frank D (it) wrote: This is one of my favorite Romcoms to date. Will Smith and Kevin James both performed splendidly.

Shaaib R (fr) wrote: I saw this movie and I really enjoyed it. I'm pretty sure if you take your kids to see this movie and they are from about 6-10 years old they most likely will probably end up crying in one of the scenes. This is a very sad movie. But in the end it turns out good. I don't understand why they added the alien at the end that made no sense. It seems like the parents that mostly reviewed this movie were upset and this movie got a bad rating is, because it really isn't "kid-friendly" and if your child understood everything in the movie they probably would have cried during the movie. Most parents are saying that this movie was bad, because it was mostly sad and because of the violence especially the part where Astro/Toby is trying to be destroyed by the cruel heartless president Stone. The saddest part in the movie for me was probably where Dr. Tenma a.k.a. Astro/Toby's Dad is going to remove the blue core and give it to president stone. If you notice Dr. Tenma seems to go along with everything president stone says until the end. Especially the part where Stone says it's a machine. Yes he's a robot but he has a brain, emotions, and a heart. He is much more than just a robot. What I found really sad was the Robot Toby didn't even know he was a robot. I almost cried during the movie. I also saw that a lot of people's reviews said that this movie talks about loss, grief, neglect, and destruction. I really liked this movie, but the sadness is unavoidable, because that is what the original series is about. The idea is to make you feel sorry and sympathetic for The Robot Toby. Some people just cried. I agree a little with the critic. It is hard to make a kid friendly movie combined with the cold original japanese manga. That's probably why it got a bad rating, but it could've been better. If I was Dr. Tenma and I knew that the Robot Toby wasn't the same I wouldn't just deactivate him and get rid of him. I would learn to understand him and still treat him like a son. I am 12 yrs old. That is my review

Rose Ann T (br) wrote: nice movie...very futuristic

Paul M (jp) wrote: I lost interest half way through , managed to finish it but none the wiser as my attention kept wavering. Started off with an interesting premise then disappeared up its own arse and I wasn't about to follow.

Florence (es) wrote: O filme mostra o dia-a-dia da famlia Yamada, que composta por Takashi (o pai, um trabalhador comum), Matsuko (a me, dona de casa), Shige (a sogra), Noboru (o filho adolescente), Nonoko (a filha criana) e Pochi (o cachorro da famlia). A histria dividida em quadros curtos, cada um focando algum ponto interessante do cotidiano da famlia, mais ou menos como se v nas tirinhas de jornal. Trata de problemas que vemos em nossos prprios lares, como a exigncia dos pais para que o filho adolescente estude mais, a me que no quer ser tratada como uma empregada, o pai que chega cansado demais do trabalho e tem que acordar cedo para uma reunio de negcios, o adolescente passando por crises existenciais, os pensamentos inocentes da criana... Essas coisas que conhecemos bem...

Tom R (ag) wrote: Radio Flyer is one of the most interesting movies I have ever seen and one I will be thinking about for a long time. It's strange because it tries to balance childlike innocence with child abuse and it's an abnormal mix. It's like A Christmas Story in its narration, but with much darker tones. The child actors were great, the set design was fittingly yesteryear, and the moments that highlight the imagination of children (like the big buffalo and Bigfoot) are creative and tender. But why, oh why, did they make child abuse a major element of the story? I can't even tell if it's supposed to be for adults or children (I mean, in this movie, it can't be both). The ending is one of those insane events where you can interpret what happened many different ways. I actually recommend seeing Radio Flyer because it's not a terrible movie; it's just more peculiar than an average peculiar film. Also, if you like discussing metaphor or symbolism, prepare to talk about the ending of this one.

Gregory M (us) wrote: I loved the meaning of this movie....

Reed R (ca) wrote: This movie is ridiculous but it haunts me to this day!!!

Meredith W (ru) wrote: In this somewhat autobiographical work, Andre Allen (Chris Rock) is a big time stand-up comedian from New York. After having made a trilogy of big hit comedies he decides to become a serious actor. Back in New York for the premiere of his first serious movie, he agrees to be followed and interviewed in depth by N.Y. Times reporter, Chelsea Brown (Rosario Dawson) as he also deals with his upcoming wedding to a reality TV star (Gabrielle Union). The film features a host of SNL figures, who are all terrific. The movie was written and directed by Chris Rock, who won a Hollywood Film Award for Best Comedy Film for his efforts. While it is funny, especially with the addition of comedians like Jerry Seinfeld to the cast, I don't know that this level of accolade is entirely deserved.