Il giorno in più

Il giorno in più


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Tiago C (fr) wrote: Retrata um pouco da vida do famoso estilista Yves Saint Laurent. No geral, o filme no tem grandes pretenses. biogrfico e informativo. Possui momentos interessantes como mostrar uma sequncia de planos diferentes em um mosaico de Mondrian. Nada demais!

Patrick D (jp) wrote: Great movie loved the Dog play

Mad M (gb) wrote: Pretty good. Realist and raw cop/gang flick.

Jonas S (us) wrote: Just an utter delight.

Filomena G (de) wrote: and another amazing performance from ryan gosling in yet another strange uncomfortable film.

Ashley D (kr) wrote: Repetitive. Different. Animated zombies...

John Eric D (es) wrote: It is surprisingly good, not bad at all. I mean this is maybe the most sensible in the series yet. It's still generic as expected. But then the story line has the human touch of a vampire flick. Bloody slashes, and gore violence all over. For all the video game enthusiast who wants some vampire gore madness on midnights. This will definitely feed you. Enjoy with or without alcohol required.

John T (mx) wrote: Funny movie about... necrophilia...

Tex S (us) wrote: This movie is the best ever done about electronic instruments featured in 50s sci-fi movies. Peace,Tex Shelters

Charlotte R (fr) wrote: one of the best britishnfilms of all times

Harrison W (it) wrote: Linklater sure does know how to write reality, for better or worse. Some of these music choices feel a bit too spot-on. Kinda romanticizes some fucked-up shit during a fucked-up time.

Kang R (ru) wrote: Dark, stunning and original but poorly narrative.