Il marito in vacanza

Il marito in vacanza

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Angela W (gb) wrote: Its painful to watch (the suffering part)In the revenge part, the director tried to quote the exact wording from the former part of the movie to strengthen necessary of revenge or simply to explain why Katie chose that kind of torturement. The revenge are very straight forward, no surprise, no excitement. And i dont understand why it tried to state that Ana has been raped before and had similar experience as Katie at the end of the movie?What kind of message that the director is trying to tell? Ana is the sickest? Is that the reason why Katie didnt kill her in the end?

Snehil W (ag) wrote: Over all... Salman all the Way.Even though.. there is nothing great about ETT but it's fully entertaining and FunKatrina is impressive.. and Ranvir Shorey and Girish Karnad characters are first rate.Enjoy!!

Joe S (ag) wrote: This is a wonderful heart warming tale that is done to chilli standards. If you want to get your girlfriend into anime, here's your movie.

Craig S (br) wrote: best war movie ever made ( that i have seen of course)

Christopher S (nl) wrote: The plot is predictable and the characters thin, but it(TM)s clearly a kids movie, so it more or less accomplishes what it sets out to do. The fairly blatant lesbian subtext actually makes it a lot more interesting than it should be.

David V (fr) wrote: Pretty enjoyable, but had an element of cheesiness throughout the entire film.

Joey S (es) wrote: My Fav Jim Varney Movie

James H (ru) wrote: 62/100. This Gene Autry western is lighter and more amusing than most and quite entertaining. It has the usual good songs. Nothing great but I enjoyed it, especially seeing Gene more mischievous than usual.

JEREMIAH M (ca) wrote: Always enjoy watching this one

Chris B (jp) wrote: One of the finest acted films I have ever seen. I love movies like this, because it doesn't rely on anything but straight dialogue and acting. A complete acting showcase from the entire cast.

Rebecca R (ag) wrote: Simply made, this movie transends the times that Jacob walked the earth. Matthew Modine brought a beauty to this story of our bible. Seeing Giancarlo Giannini was a surprise, his protrayal of Laban is worth watching.

Benjamin (nl) wrote: Not bad I felt for Joel Edgerton is this film even though he cheated on his wife.

Lee R (ru) wrote: Cool take on the zombie thing

Victoria O (jp) wrote: Awful. Creepy preteen sexual crap. Dumb plot. Unredeeming non-comedy.

b w (gb) wrote: Saw this movie and was reminded of the tv series, Dallas, when there was this whole thing that they wound up saying was 'just a dream sequence'. But, enjoyed the movie, just the same.