Il ne faut jurer... de rien!

Il ne faut jurer... de rien!

Paris, 1830. Valentin loses himself in alcohol, gambling and women. He does not believe in life and especially not in love. His uncle Van Buck believes only in the virtues of money and ...

Paris, 1830. Valentin loses himself in alcohol, gambling and women. He does not believe in life and especially not in love. His uncle Van Buck believes only in the virtues of money and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Il ne faut jurer... de rien! torrent reviews

LARRY C (nl) wrote: depressing, Sad, It only barely gets better at the very end.

Armando P (fr) wrote: The movie Judge Dredd deserved.

Marco P (jp) wrote: What Roger Ebert said.

Andrew G (ag) wrote: Surprisingly deep, action-packed, and well-acted prison drama bolstered by a committed lead performance by Van Damme.

Bradley K (de) wrote: Bunk. Neither thought-provoking nor particularly savvy. Filled with annoying characters and contrived idiosyncrasies. Also, this film is guilty of one of my biggest film pet-peeves... Ludicrously erroneous application of computers and/or internet. Your computer can't make some else's dial tone talk!!!

Jessica R (it) wrote: Although a great expression of the Cuban condition, I just was not entertained. I can see the influence that this third world cinema had on current American art house traditions. Mixing the real with the fictional was an innovative way to tell a story.

Robert S (ru) wrote: Jason Bateman stars and directs this one which is a solid movie.

Filius S (it) wrote: In Time is the story of the future where instead of money everyone uses time as currency. Essentially how it works is everyone can live forever because of technology, and everyone stops aging at like 28 or something. The trade off is that in order to keep from overpopulating the world with lazy welfare queens, you have a life cap of x when you're born. As you live, your clock slowly ticks down, and instead of working for money, you work to refill your clock. Because of greed and shit, some people essentially get to live forever, and poor people work like dogs and die in the slums when they're young. Enter Justin Timberlake. He's just your average hard working, good looking, ultra nice and righteous dude who loves his mom. He lives in the poor area, and well, I won't tell you how, but he ends up getting infinite time. He uses this to travel from his ghetto district, to the super rich 1% district, to try and fix the income disparity, and encounters trouble, conspiracies, and a hot chick who reminds me a bit of one of those oldschool porcelain dolls. TL;DR - 6/10The movie is actually surprisingly entertaining for something being carried by JT. The guy who plays scarecrow in Nolan's batman is in this, and he's pretty awesome any time he's in a movie... also the girl in the film has an uncanny valley hotness to her, which is cool. The problem with the movie is it's a bit ham-fisted in its execution, and you end up not really caring about the characters a whole lot, because you kind of feel like you know how the movie will end. Also for something that's supposed to take place in the future/an alternate universe, there's a serious lack of ... future stuff.

Tyler R (it) wrote: I was really not expecting to enjoy this movie at all since I'm not a big fan of chick flicks. However for the most part it was a very entertaining movie and I even chuckled a few times. The plot was interesting and it had a great cast of actors. The movie was not that exciting but i did enjoy it.

Vory Z (jp) wrote: The actors should give their wages back.Except Gemma who is great.This movie was as pointless as it was pretentious.Actors use their star power to get paid but if they in movies like these then their star power turns to "beware this movie".At no part was it enjoyable or able to hold interest.

Ken B (fr) wrote: "True Confessions" feels more like a 1970s movie than a 1980s (or 1940s, for that matter) movie. Featuring a typically strong performance from Robert DeNiro, this is an intelligent film featuring the kind of character development and moral complexity that was dying out of films by 1981 to make way for big budget blockbusters and thrillers. The best parts of this movie are the quiet moments where the main characters are alone, going through the motions of their lives or consumed by their thoughts; scenes beautiful for the acting and directing rather than for set decoration, dialogue, or action. However, there is a threshold where too much subtlty gets in the way of drama and pacing. That's the problem here. Too little actually happens, physically, in this movie and when things do seem to happen, the viewer does not really care what happens. It's the development of character that intrigues in this film, but a little more development of story and conflict couldn't hurt. (As a side note, I also found Robert Duvall's portrayal of the short-tempered detective awkward, uneven, and, for the most part, unbelievable). "True Confessions" is a thought-provoking movie strengthened by the directing and DeNiro's performance. But it ultimately meanders along to a boring, "who cares" finish. Fans of L.A. period crime dramas would be better served checking out "Chinatown" or "L.A. Confidential."