Il paese delle spose infelici

Il paese delle spose infelici


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Il paese delle spose infelici torrent reviews

Hama H (kr) wrote: sik movie, sik tunes, sik story line, etc.

Naari S (de) wrote: i cried watching it....

Graeme H (es) wrote: Predicable cliche chick fodder that is only plausible within the mind of someone on a sugar high. If left with nothing else to watch, it is not horrible.

Johnny R (us) wrote: Hell of a football movie

Tecia E (ca) wrote: Want to see because of Leto and Ricci

Steven S (kr) wrote: what a movie, it was so funny but the credits were the scene stealer

Schavi N (us) wrote: I thought some parts of this movie moved slow but, its a good movie

Tom H (kr) wrote: decent western with Burt Reynolds as a full blooded Indian. i don't know how many was stabbed and shot to death, but it was a lot!

Chris B (gb) wrote: Les Cousins is Claude Chabrol's second feature that he wrote at the same time as his first, Le beau Serge, but filmed second as Le beau Serge was the simpler of the two. Les Cousins reverses the roles of Gerard Blain and Jean-Cluade Brialy in drastic ways and really adds a perfect contrast and makes Les Cousins and Le beau Serge companion pieces to one another. A great and complex story that appears very normal and common, hides the complexity of the characters and deals with deeper issues that include loyalty, family, success and the world we live in and our choices in it. A very fascinating and enchanting piece of cinema that really gets underneath your skin! If you are into French film this is a must see!

Rick R (ca) wrote: Pitfall (1948)I'm a big fan of the non-musical Dick Powell movies. But Pitfall isn't one of my favorites, but maybe you'll like it. This one is those typical film noirs where the protagonist is caught in a trap (usually of his own making). This one features a very young Raymond Burr (from Perry Mason) and Jane Wyatt (from Father Knows Best).John Forbes (Powell) is a bored suburbanite. He feels that he's in a rut, despite being an insurance adjuster/investigator in Los Angeles, and married to a very hot wife, Sue (Wyatt). Then one of his private detectives, MacDonald (Burr) brings a report about a model, Mona Stevens (Lizabeth Scott) who is the fiance of the guy, Bill Smiley (Byron Barr) who stole from the insurance company and is doing time in jail.Mac isn't hiding the fact that he has the hots for Mona and that he's very serious about her. John tells him to pursue her on his own time. John heads over to Mona's apartment to collect any money or gifts that Smiley may have given her. Mona doesn't take to John's taking her valuables, including her engagement ring.Mona gives John hell for his callousness and John takes it to heart. Even tries, to let her keep her beloved speed boat, until Mac turns this item in also. There is even a "Fade to Black" moment between John and Mona. Mac is obsessed with Mona, stalking both of them as well as egging on poor Smiley from jail. Things will come to a head with all of them.

F B (de) wrote: Not sure if I enjoyed or hated this film. The most irritating cringeworthy American actor ever on a background of beautiful scenery and an otherwise pleasant film

Ronnie C (ca) wrote: this movie is in the same class as the Die Hard series, a must see for any Bruce Willis fan

andee d (br) wrote: I generally dislike gangster movies but in this case I can make an exception because it features a tour de force performance from an actor not renowned for his unhinged psychopaths. He nearly overwhelms the entire film at times but he manages to ease off and let everyone else join in the fun.

Pablo A (gb) wrote: Good movie when there's nothing to see