Il presidente del Borgorosso Football Club

Il presidente del Borgorosso Football Club

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Il presidente del Borgorosso Football Club torrent reviews

St A (it) wrote: The feeling I got while watching this mess of a film, was that the story must come from an original script that was rewritten so it could be passed off as a sequel to The Pact. Given the confusing logic and rules, along with returning characters shoehorned into this movie, it makes me believe this theory.

Chok S (us) wrote: ??#Grabbers REMust get drunk to fight a monster. Sounds like fun right? Grabbers is a comedy/sci-fi film with its smart goofy concept with silly humors at its finest and creatures that are really well designed. However, the film could have been much more better if there's more into the story as it doesn't seem to extend its goofy concept to reach its full potential quite yet and the plot just falls short. There are some GORES but don't expect any memorable or over the top bloody kills which is also quite disappointing as the film could have been much more fun if it's bloodier than this. Some jumpy SCARE scenes but beside that, the creatures look quite terrifying, sometimes quite cute with amazing visual effects that you might not expect it to be this good at first. Overall, this is a nice little FUN sci-fi/comedy film that's consistently funny with its goofy concept and impressive creature effects, but still leaves much more room for improvement. [B-]

(kr) wrote: speaks abt indian trials and jail culture. worth a watch

George B (es) wrote: A cute little gem that reminded me a lot of "The Visitor." But instead of being in New York, it moved to another total distant and strange city called Belgrade. Through the cuts, we realize that the difference between the cities are far less than we thought. The only different thing is people's sincerity.

Sean P (de) wrote: Being a big Who fan I love anything to do with them...and this didn't disapoint. Fasinating insight into what is..the Amazing Journey of The Who.

Antonin C (br) wrote: C'est facile de brandir un fanion est de faire un film bis soit disant aux multiples influences (Grindhouse, Russ Meyer, et je ne sais quoi d'autres), mais ce film est la preuve qu'on peut bourrer un metrage de toute la provoc du monde, de filles aux gros seins pleins de mayos, ca n'en fait pas un bon film (1er point), ni un film attachant (secondo), ni un film marrant (tertio).Pour un ptich qui tient sur un timbre, que c'est lonnnnng, faussement referentiel (les filles de Russ Meyer c'etait quand meme pas pareil), plus ridicule que drole, et ca n'atteint pas la kitscherie des films bis d'avant (dommage parce que moi j'aime ca). Sans compter que cote gore, finalement c'est light, pour un pitch Z a l'extreme (du moins une fois qu'on a appris que l'assassin est un phallus autonome).Et niveau filmique, c'est de l'amateurisme (j'aurai pu le faire moi meme).En fait, c'est typiquement le genre de film qu'on aime dire "c'est un film MAD" parce qu'ils ne se prennent pas au serieux, que le scenario est bidon, que le sang gicle et que les filles ont des gros seins; mais au final, force est de constater que je me suis plutot emmerde qu'autre chose.Allez, en toute honnetete, je me suis marre un peu vers la fin ..."Viens rouler une pelle a ton peeeeeeeeeere !!!!!"!!!! Ils m'ont eu a l'usure, mais ca reste completement naze.

Shannon M (nl) wrote: The acting in this film is terrible and the editing is far from perfect, yet I enjoyed this movie and appreciated its quirky and in your face attitude. Admittedly it is not the most unique or adventurous storyline, but it was funny and endearing and I just couldn't help but like it.

Stacey O (us) wrote: Weirdly enjoyable. Highly melodramatic but satisfying tele movie.

Russell S (au) wrote: Has to be amongst the greatest movies ever made. Perfect casting throughout, top notch writing and performances, a heartwarming comedy set in the longest of winters!

AM Q (jp) wrote: It made me almost want to go for soccer. Almost. But that was mostly in hopes that Jonathan Brandis would come along.

Morris N (de) wrote: I'm sure this one is so bad that it's fun to watch.

Robert W (kr) wrote: It's a WWII propaganda film, so you pretty much know what you're going to get. But it's John Ford's flair for visuals that sets this one above similar films.

Chris C (mx) wrote: Filled with dark humor and plenty of suspense, Child's Play features an inventive story with praises going to Brad Dourif, Catherine Hicks and Alex Vincent.