Il principe abusivo

Il principe abusivo

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Kyle M (au) wrote: The film has few weaknesses, it's still a typical superhero film of the DC Animated Universe, praising the animation with good action and voice acting, but not at the same level as "Crisis on Two Earths." (B+)(Full review coming soon)

Bonnie C (gb) wrote: Fascinating to see who the man was behind on recent past 20 or 30 so years how US politics are shaped. He may have found himself and what is the most important thing in a person's life as he neared his own demise but I can't help myself hating him for setting trend of dirty politics and campaigns that now have become a norm in US.

Des S (au) wrote: This turned out a lot better than I had hoped it would be. I enjoyed the characters and the story, I just wish the ending had been different.

Mareen K (es) wrote: Well, this did have some scary moments and the revelation of what has really been going on all the time sure is creepy and still finds its way back to the surface of my memory sometimes, but for the most part the movie is not too well played and also quite boring. Could have been a lot better.

Simon D (nl) wrote: Seabiscuit with cars. In other words a very predictable American sports film.

Evan J (it) wrote: I should have fast-forwarded it to the last 15 minutes of the movie. One of those movies that is suppose to be so bad it's good. I however got no enjoyment from it. So it was just plain crap, with no enjoyment for me.

Erik H (it) wrote: ugh, idk what this was. maybe i was too tired for it. it was just slow and weird and yes, i get it that it's an australian recreation of small town usa. that was vaguely amusing, but not enough to keep me interested in the "giant sinister plot." it's not even really a horror movie, and it's too slow/serious to be any fun. weird cop dad was just awful, and yeah, this whole thing was just a disappointment for me. so many glowing recs too. strange behavior. ;)

Shane B (jp) wrote: Stunningly fluid direction, beautiful burnished colours, precise photography, intensely confident performances, and a fractured, surreal narrative that deals with the unruly nature of memory and creation... it must be another film by that French master Alain Resnais.

Noam M (gb) wrote: A dwindling franchise gets even worse in yet another installment that doesn't fail to disappoint. (3/10)

Private U (ru) wrote: Looked pretty cool in the previews, but it had a stupid ending, didnt flow, wasnt well acted either.