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Il tassinaro

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John T (br) wrote: Christina Ricci portrays Lizzie Borden in this highly fictionalized account of the famed murders and trial that took place in Fall River, Massachusetts in 1893. Television docudramas end to have events altered, created, omitted or condensed to make the film more commercially viable. This movie was no exception. In fact, so much of the movie was changed that only the most basic of events were accurately portrayed. For instance, her uncle who arrived at their home the day before and was present the morning of the murders was not portrayed. Lizzie didn't burn her dress outdoors at night in a fire pit to destroy evidence, but rather the day in the kitchen's stove with her friend, Alice Russell present. Lizzie did not confess to her sister, thus causing an irreparable rift between the two. In fact, the sisters continued to live together long after Lizzie was acquitted; they only separated after having an argument years later. Finally, her defense attorney was not the family lawyer, but a former Governor who had appointed one of the judges in the case. That judge lack of impartiality most probably helped in getting an acquittal verdict. Another weakness was the use of synthesizers and techno rock music in nearly every establishing shot. This was totally out of context to the screenplay and was quite annoying. A music style more contemporary to the time would have greatly enhanced the movie. That said, if the viewer approaches this film as a work of fiction, rather than a rendering of facts of the case, this film is above average. The movie was intense at parts and good enough to keep me interested in it. The acting is good and the scenery and costumes are a realistic portrayal of the period. The dialogue is interesting and movies teh stroy along at a brisk pace. Christina Ricci plays the part well as did Clea Duvall, as her sister Emma, who realistically portrays a person of the late 19th century.

Diana M (jp) wrote: hey miura i love you :) i never thought this koizora is the best japanese movie i have ever seen ,its sad movie but for me that was my favorite movie ever :)

Jack P (gb) wrote: Decided to watch this as the premise seemed hilarious, but i was soon dragged into the events. Three girls meet a group of guys whilst out partying in mallorca and end up back on their yacht. An unexpected murder takes place and tensions rise over the situation. A highly tense thriller/horror which has the audience right where it wants them. A low budget film which has done really well on what little production money they had. A tense, thrilling film.

Jessicah C (ru) wrote: Not the best movie but was worth a try.

loly l (us) wrote: seems so interesting

Mr Andrew Sly k (ru) wrote: The three Nights My lord!

Sage H (ag) wrote: Definitely not one of Eastwood's best but still entertaining but only half as good as most of his great films. Watchable but still ok along with Clint's stories getting wackier and wackier.

Andrew S (fr) wrote: When psychologist Chris Kelvin is asked to investigate the unexplained behavior of a small group of scientists aboard the space station Prometheus, he is shocked by what he finds upon his arrival. Kelvin discovers that his close friend, Gibarian, the mission's commander, has committed suicide. Also, he finds out that the two remaining scientists onboard are exhibiting signs of extreme stress and paranoia, seemingly caused by the results of their examination of the planet Solaris. Soon, Kelvin too becomes entrapped in the unique planet's mysteries. Solaris, somehow, presents him with a second chance at love and entreats him to change the course of a past relationship that has caused him overwhelming guilt and remorse. But can he really revisit the past and alter the course of events? Or is he fated to repeat its mistakes?

RJohn X (de) wrote: Creepy and mean-spirited should become synonyms for the 70s. Great ensemble cast muddles thru a brutally unfunny comedy. Cronyn and Randolph vamp as fairy con men!

Erik K (au) wrote: In this interesting tale of the dangers of prescribed meds, a fatally ill schoolteacher gets addicted to a "miracle cure" that quickly drives him insane, turning him against his family and friends, even to the point of attempted murder.

Tim P (au) wrote: Not sure why, but I didn't like it. Found it quite boring.

Claudette A (kr) wrote: I really like this movie series. The colours are wonderful.

David G (jp) wrote: What a piece of shit. It's amazing that the supporting ladies and Samuel L. Jackson's career stayed in tact, but Gabriel Macht had to get the short end of the stick because of Frank Miller's poor direction.