A hugely successful DA goes into private practice after sending a man to the chair -- only to find out later he was innocent. Now the drunken attorney only seems to represent criminals and low lifes.

After an overly aggressive district attorney unknowingly sends an innocent man to the chair, he resigns, turns to drinking, and acquires a criminal clientèle. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jon D (ru) wrote: In a time when it seems like every other documentary tries to be gritty and tongue-in-cheek at the same time, 'The Ambassador' succeeds in being both, and much more. This is a jarring, sometimes hard to follow, and sometimes strangely comedic, piece of gonzo journalism that sheds a light on political corruption in a part of the world that would be fortunate to be referred to as "Third World". 'The Ambassador' makes even the best efforts of '60 Minutes' to be hard-hitting look like a Disney films. It's difficult to watch, and will leave you scratching your head, but it's hard not to enjoy.

John T (it) wrote: Total indie flick. A guy goes to college and leaves his crazy hippie mom who doesn't deal with it very well. Through the story the crazy mom alienates her ex, but the boy realizes that it may not be his dad after all. In the end he accepts the mother for what she is.

Zachary Y (br) wrote: This highest-grossing movie of Hong Kong follows in the footsteps of Rocky 2, not living up to the amazing level of the predecessor. Visually even better than the impressive first entry. Directing and Cinematography are just superb, simply the plot is too disjointed and well-tread to be as classic as 1.

Ker Malkin G (kr) wrote: Two words. Dench and tits (though not necessarily associated).

Dylan D (us) wrote: Eight Below is heartwarming tale of friendship, courage, and survival, of never letting go of all that's most precious in life, namely love and life itself. It's a movie of danger and heroism and of bonds that neither time, distance, nor hardships can break. A family Adventure in the classic Disney spirit, Eight Below is a film suitable for the whole family, even if it does delve into some slightly complex themes that the youngest of viewers may find difficult to grasp. Still, the picture's many positive elements, uplifting messages, fine photography, and first-rate characters both man and animal alike make this one a winner.

Kosong T (it) wrote: Is weighed down by a tediously slow pace and overwrought production values.

Rodolfo J (au) wrote: Me importa un pito!!Oliverio nos muestra que podemos amar sin pedir nada a cambio, incluso aunque no puedas tener a esa persona.

Arseniy V (gb) wrote: How delightfully overrated. Mainly a meticulous, stretched-to-shit study of just how stoned cool cowboys can get on their own coolness. Oh and the misogyny! I tell you, I'm very seldom a fan of contemporary feminism - but shit runs DEEP here boy. Someone better slap these fellas with some hashtags before it's too late.

Dustin P (kr) wrote: The majority of it is VERY boring. However, the last 20 minutes were alright.

Tracey c (fr) wrote: British secret agent Harry Palmer (Michael Caine) is summoned to a meeting with his superior Colonel Ross in London and is informed that he is to be sent to Berlin to arrange the defection of Colonel Stok (Oskar Homolka), a prominent Soviet intelligence officer. Despite his scepticism of the potential defection Palmer heads to Berlin where he liases with Johnny Vulkan, an old German friend of his, who runs the Berlin station for British intelligence. Vulkan arranges for Palmer to make a trip to East Berlin to meet Colonel Stok. Palmer makes a rendevouz with Stok in the East, and finds him eccentric and likeable. Stok explains his reasons for wanting to defect he is growing old, his responsibillity to guard a sector of the Berlin Wall has been a failure with a number of recent escapes, and he hopes to be rewarded for his defection with "Colonel's pay for life". He explains that he is an "Old Bolshevik" who stormed the Winter Palace in 1917. Stok calls Palmer "English" and continually tries to catch him out with trick questions. He is impressed with Palmer's answers and tells him he is "not as stupid as he looks". He asks for the defection to be managed by Otto Kreutzman, a West German criminal who has organised a number of recent escapes. Palmer returns to the western sector and puts the wheels in motion for Stok's defection. He meets a woman, a model (Eva Renzi), with whom he spends the night. Suspicous at the forward manner in which she approached him, he has his police contacts establish her identity the following day, and arranges for a criminal to burgle her appartment. She transpires to have several different false passports. Meanwhile, Palmer arranges a deal with Kreutzman to bring Stok across the wall for 20,000. Palmer then returns to London and hands in a report to Colonel Ross. Ross is convinced that Stok's defection is genuine, and he dismisses Palmer's suspicions that the model he met in Berlin was a spy. Ross gives full authorisation for Palmer to return to Berlin with documents and money to complete the deal. The false documents are provided for Palmer by a man named Hallam (Hugh Burden) The plan, devised by Kreutzman, is to arrange a burial and bring the Colonel across the border in a coffin. Palmer agrees - meanwhile he again meets the model and unmasks her as a Mossad spy. She reveals she is in Berlin to hunt down a man named Paul Louis Broum - now operating under an alias - who she implies is linked to Palmer's current mission. He is a war criminal who stole millions of pounds of gold during the Second World War. Kreutzman goes over to the east to supervise the defection personally, as it is such a major and difficult case. Palmer waits with Kreutzman's henchman on the western side of the border to wait for the coffin. Betrayed by everybody he comes in contact with, Palmer manages to figure out what is going on and escape with his life.

Jaime L (jp) wrote: Was alright, despite the premise being a little silly, Rocky Balboa wasn't cheesy like some of the previous Rocky movies. That said the film was rather bland overall. Nothing really interested me, not Rocky's motivation to fight again, not his antagonist in the ring, not Paulie or his kid and certainly not that woman and her son he befriends. The fight at the end might have been the poorest in the series as well, I felt none of the intensity of the previous ones, especially when compared to Rocky's two bouts against Apollo Creed.Still though a disappointment, it is good enough that I was at least mildy interested so can give a positive rating, perhaps would be more fun for a true fan of the Rocky films.

Robert I (ca) wrote: I don't understand how people can hate this film as much as they do. It's not really that bad. I love it because of the cast and overall optimistic tone/message. Very funny.

Gretchen W (es) wrote: I wanted to like it, but I didn't.